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Chemistry Between Men And Women - What It Means To Women
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Have you ever read through the online dating profiles of women and have you seen what the main quality is that they are looking for in a man.?They want and crave chemistry between them and the man,in other words how the man is making them feel but chemistry seems to be more important to women than men and women ten to confuse chemistry with love sometimes.

Chemistry is merely a feeling or emotion that a man and a women experiences when they interact for the first time but chemistry usually does not last forever as that initial feeling goes away unless the man is able to continuously create deep feelings of attraction through the way he behaves and by the way guy's it is the man's job to create this attraction and that is what women long for as they are just waiting for that guy to come along and make her feel those feelings and therefore create chemistry.

What i mentioned above is not to be confused with love as love needs a deeper connection between a man and a women to be established first,although you will not be able to get a women to fall in love with you or even develop a connection with her on a deeper level if that initial feeling of chemistry or attraction is not present.

How do you then create that initial feeling of chemistry or attraction with a women and the answer is being a naughty boy or a bad boy.I prefer to use the term naughty boy as a bad boy mostly does not treat women all that well,but because he is unpredictable,charming and is not trying to suck up to her and is not putting her on a pedestal this creates a strong feeling of attraction for her towards him.

You must have seen this yourself in real life many times when the bad boy does not call her back,does not want to spend extra time with her,but she keeps going back and back to him because of the attraction and she can't stop thinking about him,while the nice guy on the other hand is stuck in the friend zone with her as their is no chemistry or attraction.

How do you then act like a naughty boy with women and what does it mean exactly to be a naughty boy in this type of context.?All it means is that you have to be fun,teasing and playful and use cheeky humour while you are interacting with any women which is actually a form of flirting and women find this very attractive as it is not boring and creates intense chemistry between a man and woman.

A very good idea is too also switch between being a naughty boy and being sincere and then switch back to being a naughty boy,giving her a naughty little smile and being playful and teasing her a bit and this the best way to create chemistry and feelings of attraction.

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