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How To Be A Man To A Woman
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How To Be A Man To A Woman

If you haven’t had a great track record with women in your past relationships, or even if you are starting a new relationship, you might be wondering if there is a better way to learn how to be a man to a woman. From learning what my partner has taught me, reading about relationships and observing other men whom I admire, I believe that men can learn to be a better person just as much as women.

When I attend self development seminars, there were always more women who attend then men. So I thought why is that?

Men tend to let their ego take control of who they are so much more than women do. Men think that if they seek improvement, then they won’t appear to be man enough.

Being partnered to a Christian of faith, I would like to share what the bible states to be character requirements of men: Be determined and decisive, to pray and ask for guidance, to be courageous, to be humble, to love their partner, to spend quality time with their children, and to have self control towards their desires.

Another word I strongly admire in relation to men is for them to be a gentleman. If you break that up it means exactly what it says “gentle – man”. ‘Your Dictionary’ online also describes the word gentlemen as “... a man in a high social position, or a man with excellent manners”.

How to be a man to a woman also means to always be honest no matter what. This includes with your feelings towards her, your intentions about how you feel or to have the courage to tell her you are not interested in a relationship when you don’t feel the same way as she might.

Many men who I have dated have continued to see me despite not being as interested as I was for a relationship. Perhaps they didn’t want to be alone, or perhaps there was no other woman around at the moment. But if they had of been honest from the beginning, I would of had a lot more respect for them.

A man should know how he feels about a woman before they even kiss. He should know whether he would like to pursue a serious relationship with her within the first month. The less a man can drag on casually dating a woman, the more respect women will have for him for being honest.

This also means that a man needs to take responsibility for every action he takes towards a woman. By being honest and responsible you are looking after her feelings and her heart. Being responsible also means admitting to mistakes you make as well as pointing out the truth you feel.

When you are thinking about how to be a man to a woman, then you will also need to appreciate her, thank her for the small things she does and take notice when she does do things for you and the relationship. A woman enjoys communicating and talking through her feelings and thoughts. So the best thing a man can do regarding that is to just listen to her when she speaks. He doesn’t even have to offer an opinion, or offer to solve the problem, unless she asks.

So the best way to be a man to a woman is to be a gentleman. If you don’t know how to be a gentleman, then learn and practice. Then next best way to be a man to a woman is to listen to her and look to understand her fully. Other important aspects include kindness, compassion, confidence and giving. Not just giving with your money, but giving with your time that you spend with her and how you can assist her with her needs.

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