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I Am In A Marriage With No Intimacy, What Should I Do?
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Being married means more than intimacy. But intimacy such as that experienced during sex is also important to all married people. A marriage with no intimacy is less likely to survive. It is also a bond that connects the married couple. And most married couples consider marital intimacy as a way to appreciate oneself and give happiness to the partner. Marriage with no intimacy will surely struggle and if it survives it would still come to faults, anger and distress.

Intimacy is much more than sex. There are other ways to be intimate with your partner. A simple gesture that will make them feel more important can really be intimate and sexy. But the term intimacy would really connote something physically connected or sex. But it is not limited only to physical connection because it's deeper meaning is something spiritual.

Ask yourself, if you have difficulties communicating your deepest needs and desires to your partner.

Do you find intimacy difficult to express?

And can you not execute actions to your partner with intimacy on the line?

If you have answered all the questions with “yes” then you must read on to follow my guide.

Intimacy starts with communication. Everything you have in mind with your problems and queries must be put into one place. Tell your lover what you feel and also what you want to happen. Sort out ways you can achieve an “intimate” conversation with your partner. After all it wouldn’t be hard because both of you love each other. A thing to consider is that you must be ready, attentive, dedicated and open to what ever topic it may be. Make your partner feel that you are willing to solve the issue. Listening is very important too and both of you will learn from it.

Do not criticize or judge your partner. Just listen to them because it will make them feel better, and you will then both be more comfortable in sorting things out.

Making your partner feel that you are willing to change everything would mean something for them. That would be great because it will solve your problem. Also acknowledge the things your spouse needs and wants. Even emotional things will help a lot like making your spouse feel that you are always there at their back whenever they need you.

Marriage with no intimacy is a major problem for most couples nowadays. If you are experiencing such an unwanted event then you must act fast and you must act now. Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom, not even another day because time is a precious thing that ticks away faster than you think.

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