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Marriage Advice- 5 Steps To A Fulfilling Relationship
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Routine and necessity often get in the way of maintaining a great love life.  It isn’t always possible to keep passion flowing throughout a marriage, due to work and family commitments, stress and tiredness, but by following a few simple tips, you should see excitement reintroduced into you relationship.

1. Subtle Experimenting

There’s no need to demand the sudden introduction of chains and handcuffs into the bedroom in a desperate attempt to liven things up.  It may simple be a case of paying more attention to your partner’s body.  Touching or kissing places you never have done before or were too embarrassed to do so.  We're talking here about erogenous zones, those areas packed with nerve endings that love the human touch. 

Invest some time during love-making, gently stroking all over your partner’s body.  The obvious areas don’t require much experimentation, but watch out for subtle quivers or gentle moans when you hit a sweet spot.  Ears, the head, feet, and the skin on the inside of knees and elbows are all areas you wouldn’t ever bother with, but try it, you may be surprised!

2. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Where men often go wrong is thinking that the typical romance clichés are unwelcome.  In actual fact, the more frequently an act of romance is portrayed in the media, the more it becomes necessary to implement to convince your partner that they aren’t missing out! 

Imagine your partner’s joy and excitement at walking through the door after a hard day at work to be greeted by rose petals scattered up the stairs leading to the bathroom where upon a full bath with scented oils and champagne await, gently defined by flickering candlelight.  Sounds cheesy I know but the effect is very real and worthwhile.  Alternatively you could just sit in front of the TV all night getting nowhere.  No contest!

3. Perform a Sensual Massage

Once you have surprised your partner with a romantic gesture such as the above, take things a stage further and perhaps start massaging their shoulders (another cliché that works!).  Use massage oils for this as they contain scents that stimulate the senses and for good reason.  This not only produces physical pleasure, but intimacy as well, reaffirming that you care for and want to pleasure them.

As with the above points, pay attention to the areas that produce the best reactions and rotate your attention on these specific areas.  It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know how to massage, your partner will let you know when you do it right, then repeat!

Perhaps perform the massage by transitioning from fully dressed to slowly removing your partner's clothes as you work, working towards more intimate areas.  Wonderful love-making should follow, given the amount of anticipation that has been created.

4. The Element of Surprise

Let’s say you are on vacation with your partner, having a romantic evening stroll on a beach.  Whilst in this care-free, happy environment, it would be a good opportunity to introduce new love-making methods which can then be sown into your love life for good.  For example, during the stroll, gently guide your partner towards a sand dune, or a secluded part of the beach and begin kissing, leading on to more intimate behaviour under the stars.  You could always steer your partner towards the shore and suggest a midnight swim and possibly more!

It’s all a matter of taking control and being confident because if you look unsure, this will simply undermine the romantic aspect of what you are trying to achieve. 

5. Keep up the Good Work

Once you are on the road to more adventurous love making with certain barriers broken down, it will become obvious that the sky is the limit.  Why not draw up a list between yourselves of places where you can experiment?  That could include rooms in the house, the garden or more adventurous public areas (beware of law-breaking though) such as public parkland or farmer’s fields.  The restaurant washrooms may be taking it too far but then again, why not?

In addition to this, take the time to try new techniques from guide books.  Whilst the physical act of intercourse remains the same, the ways to do it are only limited by your imaginations!

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