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Relationship Difficulties – 5 Ways To Kick-start The Romance
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Long term partnerships offer couples long term stability and comfort.  As time goes by, this can result in frustration and disappointment with regards to romance and a sex-life, often resulting in self-fulfilling prophecies and little effort being made to keep things on the boil.

Outlined here are 5 ways to re-ignite the spark, starting with simple tips to ones that require more planning.  The overall aim is to rediscover what made the relationship so special in its infancy.

1.  Turn the TV off

The majority of daily routines follow a set pattern; come home from work, shower and change, eat dinner, lie on the sofa, channel surf, then go to bed.  Just suppose then, that you turned the TV off.  You’d have to turn and face each other, then talk.  Not a bad idea. 

Maybe you’ll talk about your day, current affairs or perhaps plan a trip.  Most couples barely talk to each other during the working week, apart from deciding on what to eat or what to watch.  Creating the time to talk to each other properly increases the intimacy and an insight into each other’s thoughts.

2.  Dim the lights, light the candles

Spontaneity is attractive to both genders.  Why not light some candles in front of your partner, turn off the lights and fire up the CD player with some of your partner’s favourite music.  When you are inevitably asked what on earth you are doing, produce some massage oil and announce that you intend to spoil them rotten all evening.

Although you will have it planned in your mind, make it appear that you've just decided to do this on the spur of the moment due to an overwhelming desire to touch and caress them.  After all, we all need to be reminded that we are desired.

3.  Plan a Surprise Evening

Surprising your partner with a treat is a sure-fire way of grabbing their attention and showing them that you care.  Putting the effort into planning a romantic evening sounds obvious but it’s rarely carried out.

Ensure you get home well in advance of your partner and prepare a well thought out dinner, obviously comprising of their favourite foods.  Whilst this is cooking, run a bath and scatter rose petals from the door to the bathroom and have a selection of bath oils, candles and two glasses of Champagne present.  The effect of being greeted with this after a hard day at work will create the most wonderful atmosphere andmood for romance.

4.  Picnic with a Sunset

As mentioned above, breaking the daily routine often results in increased anticipation and excitement at what may happen.  A good way to do this is to announce unexpectedly, “we’re going for a picnic, grab the Champagne”.

Be sure to pack two blankets, one to sit on and one to wrap yourselves in once the sun goes down.  As with all romantic endeavours, plan in advance so that you can find a great viewpoint and be ready to go when the sky is clear and it’s warm enough.  Stay as long as is comfortable and stargaze a little.  You never know where the mood will take you.

5.  Plan a Weekend Away 

Nothing will impress your partner more than a note stating, “pack your passport and lingerie, we’re going to Paris for the weekend”.  Sadly, Paris isn’t always affordable or close enough but there are always plenty of city, coastal or countryside locations suitable for romantic weekends.

Time spent in different environments will not only heighten the senses, but re-invigorates the soul and breask the monotony of the daily grind.  Spend some time asking family or friends where your partner has always wanted to go, be it a theme park or mountainous retreat.  Then make it happen.  Your partner will be in no doubt how much they mean to you if you put in the time and effort.


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