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A Close And Honest Look At Infrared Sauna Detoxification
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We live in an industrialized society. There is only so much we can do to reduce our exposure to toxins, such as avoiding teflon, buying organic foods, avoiding chemical-based household cleaners. Those steps are very important to our health but simply cannot save us from all of the toxins that we encounter every day. Infrared sauna detoxification may be the single most effective way to get our bodies back to their natural state.

The toxins that we encounter every day get stored in our fat cells and many of them stay there. Maybe we sweat some out but in reality we can't get rid of them all. Then every day more and more toxins build up. Unfortunately, this lifelong build up of toxins is highly likely to lead to disease. At the very least it inhibits our ability to heal, makes our skin look old, and gives us aches and pains.

How Does Infrared Sauna Detoxification Work?

Infrared heat is the only heat that can penetrate the skin deep enough and heat the subcutaneous fat enough to melt it and release these stored toxins that are then sweated out. It is the penetration through the skin that makes this work. The human body is naturally a 100% far infrared emitter. That means the you want a sauna that uses 100% far infrared rays that the body will accept and benefit from.

When a good infrared sauna is used daily many people report a pungent smell from their sweat when they first start using their sauna that eventually clears with daily use. This is likely due to the clearing of toxins from their bodies. As you can imagine, when you add this daily detoxification to your health regime the benefits will be amazing. Your health will improve, your healing will improve, your life will improve.

When you are looking for a quality sauna manufacturer that uses only far infrared spectrum you will have to do some close research. Take a look at the type of heaters they use and the wavelengths that they produce. A good company should offer this information. Pure far infrared wavelengths range from 4 to 17 microns. Watch out for manufacturers that are using far as well as mid and near infrared wavelengths as you won't get your money's worth of benefits from these saunas. Near and mid infrared have no benefit to the human body. You may save money on one of these saunas but you will be missing the point of owning an infrared sauna completely.

Do your research, chose wisely, and reap the benefits of infrared sauna detoxification.

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