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Best Stores To Use Coupons For Wisconsin
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Shopping with coupons has become a very popluar way to save money and cut budgets. It allows people to buy the same brands and products they trust, without the stress on the checkbook. This method of saving does require some planning, which starts with finding the best stores to use coupons in Wisconsin.

Drug Stores

A few of the best stores to shop using coupons are CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid. Not only can you redeem manufacturer's coupons here, but there are also store coupons available. You can use one manufacturer's coupon "stacked" with one store coupon in the same item. You can find store coupons in magazines, monthly savings booklets in store, store coupon machines, weekly advertising circulars, or on their websites.

These stores offer another savings option: "Extra Bucks" (CVS), "Register Rewards" (Walgreen's), or "Up Rewards" (Rite Aid). When you purchase certain advertised products, high value manufacturer's coupons print out with your receipt. You can use these coupons on any future purchase at the same store, and combine them with store coupons.

Mail-in rebates are the last ways to save. These rebates can be found in store or online.

When using all these options, you can often find name brand hair care, razor systems, snacks or laundry detergent for 60-95% off of retail price. You can usually find at least one product that will be free each week.

Discount Department Stores

Target also offers store coupons, which can be combined with manufacturer's coupons. Store coupons for Target can be found in regular newspaper coupon inserts or on their website.

Target will also give you $5 gift cards when you purchase certain advertised products. Similar to the previously mentioned stores, you can get great products for next to nothing, or for free!

Box Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can be great stores for using coupons, but not all will give you maximum savings. Roundy's stores will give you the best bang for your "coupon buck." Every Wednesday, most Pick 'n Save, Copp's, and Rainbow stores will double up to five manufacturer coupons, each with a face value of $1 or less. These stores are also known to ocassionally offer "Double Daze" on Saturdays, or offer "Double Double Daze" (they will double up to TEN manufacturer coupons).

Be familiar with the "Double Daze" policy, as there are restrictions. Your transaction must be a minimum or $25 to qualify for doubling coupons. This total is BEFORE your manufacturer coupons are deducted. Also, coupons over $1 will not double. Redeeming coupons over $1 is still a great way to meet your $25 minimum and still save.

Roundy's stores also offer store coupons to stack with manufacturer coupons. Unlike the previously mentioned stores, these coupons can be a little harder to get your hands on. You will find them in a monthly coupon booklet distributed in a weekly advertising publication. The stores do not typically keep these coupon booklets on display at the front of the stores with the ad circular.I

f you're in a pinch and are not able to get a booklet any other way, politely ask an employee if they have extras. They don't keep many at the store, but you might be able to get one this way.

Where Not to Shop Using Coupons

Bulk stores (like Sam's Club) are not the best choice if you are trying to make the most of your coupons. This may seem odd, since these stores are well-known for massive savings through bulk shopping.

When using coupons for Wisconsin, you will find many of the best deals are had by purchasing multiples of smaller-sized items. For example, let's say you have a coupon for $1 off Acme shampoo. The 2 oz trial size shampoo is $0.97, the best sale price for the 12 oz is $2.25, and the 30 oz sells in a twin pack case at the bulk stores for $25. Applying your $1 coupon to the trial size will give you a profit of $0.03, you would pay $1.25 for the 12 oz, and $24 for the case.

Dollar stores can go either way. It all depends on what brands the store carries. Many dollar stores carry "off" brands that you won't find manufacturuer coupons for. If the dollar store sells name brand products and accepts manufacturer coupons, you're golden!

Some stores are great for couponing. Others will save you money, but won't give you your maximum savings. Know store coupon policies in Wisconsin before getting to the checkout. This will save time, and help avoid unneeded stress for both you and the cashier. The main thing to remember is to keep at it! Your savings will increase as you learn more and accumulate new coupons.

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