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Cuisinart Coffee Grinders
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Cuisinart Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinder-How to get the best bang for the buck.

Drinking coffee for the discerning coffee drinker is not just putting coffee grind in a percolator or an espresso machine.

Why grind your own coffee? It allows the full flavor of the coffee to come through when you grind the roasted beans just before using them in a coffee maker of your choice. There are many varieties of grinds from very fine to coarse depending of the discerning coffee drinker’s preferences.

A discerning coffee drinker not only likes flavorful coffee but the design of the machine is very important to him combining stainless steel new age design with top level technology to help him start the day with a happy face enjoying a cup of coffee. A good looking coffee grinder provides a calming effect on the drinker.

What is one to consider when looking for a grinder in order to have a daily pleasant experience?

Grinding of the coffee to the desired coarseness every time it is used

This machine should provide several grinding levels of fineness with a lot of capacity, together with measurement markings to ensure that you grind the right amount. This capacity allows large number of cups’ capability. The grinding stops when the dialed number of cups to grind on the grinder is reached.

Using a burr instead of a blade to grind to provide a uniform grind

This is essential as with a blade the uniformity of the grind is never reached

Easy adjustment for firmness and coarseness of the grind resulting in a simple operation to use

Stopping the grind so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee before you finishing the grinding process so that you can also change the fineness of the grinding during the operation, for example for percolator usage while you are drinking an espresso.

Allowing you to prepare different type of coarseness depending on your family member’s wishes: percolator, espresso, etc

Easy cleaning of the grinder by providing dishwasher-safe parts. You do not want to be stuck washing by hands the machine.

Topnotch product as far performance and price, you can count on this product

Considering a company that is known to always improve the functionality and user friendliness of their product lines and be there for you for years to come

The warranty should be in line with this type of motor use for grinding beans

In summary, the grinder should provides a heavy duty motor necessary for consistency of operation, safety interlocks including timer shut off when the grinding cycle is completed, an extra coffee storage location in the bowl, an instruction booklet,an elegant design using stainless steel, top grinding technology, simple operation, selection of grinding consistency, preserves the aroma of the coffee. This grinder will provide you with years of consistent use.

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