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Learning How To Coupon On Extreme Couponing Websites
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Learning How to Coupon on Extreme Couponing Websites

Couponing, searching for sales, and even Extreme Couponing are popular today. Many people enjoy saving when it comes to grocery shopping or buying those items that we all need, such as toothpaste or toilet paper. If you are new to couponing, however, it can at times be overwhelming to learn how to coupon. Thus, in this article I hope to share with you extreme couponing websites that aim to teach you how.

Learning How to Coupon Online

If you go to Google, or whatever search engine you use, and type in, "extreme couponing," or, "how to coupon," you will find numerous websites that discuss couponing. These sites have been created by people who love to coupon and who know a lot about how to do it. Often these sites can teach you about couponing basics (i.e. Couponing 101, if you will) to get you started in saving money at the grocery store. In addition to teaching you the basics, many of these sites actually post what's on sale at your local stores. For example, if you're wondering what's on sale at CVS for a particular week, these sites have it posted for you. However, not only do these sites notify you of local store sales, but they also notify you of coupons that go with those sales. Best of all, these sites are entirely free for you to use.

Learning From Extreme Couponing Websites Can Be Frustrating

As mentioned above, these free websites on couponing have a lot to offer the reader. They can teach the reader couponing basics, and they can also let the reader know what to shop for at the store. However, along with all of this information comes a high learning curve. Yes, learning how to use coupons from these sites can be challenging; it can be overwhelming. To give an example, imagine that you didn't know a thing about coupons. When you arrive at the free sites, you quickly notice that there's much information. You feel like, "I don't know where to begin." In addition to initially feeling lost, you also don't understand the abbreviations that are mentioned on the webpage (such as S.S., R.P., P & G, etc).

Is there an Easier Way to Learn How to Coupon?

While free sites can be helpful, and while many people do utilize them to learn about couponing, there are other sites on the Internet that also strive to teach, and they do this perhaps in an easier, more organized, more gentle fashion. Coupon services online that do this are Coupon Sense, SavingsAngel, and The Grocery Game. All three of these sites not only teach you about couponing, but they also, like the free sites, notify you of local store sales and of coupons that match those sales. While these sites are perhaps more organized, offering a gentler learning curve when it comes to learning how to coupon, these services do come at a price. In other words, receiving the services of these coupon experts will cost you a fee every month. This is because the service that these companies provide is an actual business that is being run. For their efforts, they are paid.

When Learning How to Coupon, which Extreme Couponing Websites Should I Use?

So what sites should you use in order to learn how to coupon? Honestly, I cannot answer this question for you. However, my recommendation to you is that you look at the different sites for yourself. If you already know a thing or two about couponing, then the free sites may fit your needs. On the other hand, if you know nothing regarding couponing, then perhaps the paid programs would be the best teachers you can find. My point is that you simply search and see which sites best fit your needs.


Couponing is popular today. It's popular on the Internet, it's popular on TV; you might even have friends that coupon. Yet, if you yourself are wanting to save on groceries and other home necessities, couponing can be challenging, especially when you are a beginner. It can be time consuming, specifically if you want to extreme coupon. Thankfully there are online sites that can teach you how. Some of them are free. Some of them have a fee. The best way to know what extreme couponing websites are best for you is to simply check them out and see what they have to offer.

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