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Making The Most Of Christmas Sales
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Making the Most Of Christmas Sales

Okay for a lot of people even thinking about going to the Christmas sales on Boxing Day or the day after is just an appalling prospect with the crowds, the noise, the chaos, but for others it’s exciting and fun. However, people often suffer from post Christmas madness at the sales by either spending money they don’t have or buying things that they don’t need. Here are 10 tips for making the most of Christmas sales.

1. Set a budget

You should decide exactly what money you have to spend by setting a budget. Use money that you have rather than think about piling spending onto credit cards.

2. Plan what you want to buy

Rather than go to the sales just to have a look and buy what ever catches your eye think about what you really need and go to the sales with a list.

3. Take cash

If you’re buying large electrical items you may well want to take your credit card because of the amount of money and the protection it offers you if something goes wrong, but if you only intend to buy small things and you think there’s a risk you might get tempted to buy more than you can afford only take cash and leave your credit cards at home.

4. Wear sensible clothing

If you’re going to be rushing round crowded shops wear sensible light clothing and comfortable shoes. If you’re trying on clothing make sure that you wear things that are easy to get off and on. -

5. Carry samples

If you’re going to be clothes shopping take a pair of shoes that you want to wear, or take anything that needs matching. The same applies if you want to buy accessories for the house, or curtains – take something that you already have so you can match colours. Take a tape measure.

6. Go early

Going early to the sales is of course personal choice and some people like to avoid the initial rush, but if you are set on buying particular things, it’s best to go early or yo may miss out.

7. Buy classics not fashion

Be aware of buying things that are really fashionable for that season. That doesn’t just apply to clothing. It can also refer to household goods. Just be aware of buying something that you may not want in a few months time because it is out of fashion.

8. Try clothing on

If you’re buying clothing then make sure that you try it on. Don’t be tempted into thinking that if it’s not right you will take it back. Would you really like to face the crowds again? The chances are it will remain at the bottom of your wardrobe never worn.

9. Think whether it’s really a bargain

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the hype when you see things with 50% or even 75% off. Ask yourself why there is so much off and is it really a bargain or is it because no one has been buying it and retailers are just desparate to get rid of some stock?

10. If in doubt don’t

If you’re even thinking for a moment that you’re not sure whether you really want something – walk away. Don’t buy it just because you think you may be missing out on a bargain. Trust your own instinct.


Because of the poor economic situation sales this year will be better than ever, but therefore it is really important that you don’t get a bout of sale madness and buy things that you don’t really need. Set yourself a budget, plan what you need to buy and avoid using your credit cards. Oh and one final thing. Carry some water with you. Keeping hydrated in over heated and crowded shops will stop you from passing out. Enjoy yourself.

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