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Vitamix 6300 Review - From A Skeptic To Enthusiast!
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Vitamix 6300 Review  -  From A Skeptic to Enthusiast!

I have been meaning to write this Vitamix 6300 review for about 5 weeks now, ever since I got my hands on this life-changing appliance. If I had to stop right now I'd leave by simply stating this: you NEED this machine. But since I can write for as long as I want (I won't go on forever I promise) I will give you some basic info on the 6300 model while no doubt convincing you that yes, this machine is indeed life-changing.

My husband and I had debated back and forth for months on whether we needed to get the new Vitamix. Not that we already had some older model or anything, but basically did we really want to fork out that much money? And was it really going to be as "amazing" as everyone who owns one says it is?

Well being that I'm pregnant and wanting to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my day AND the fact that I want to make my own babyfood, we finally decided to go for it. Thank goodness we did because it is changing our lives, all "three" of us! ha!

Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the way so you know a little background on my purchasing story... onto the Vitamix 6300 review.

It's NOT "just a blender", so you can get that outta your mind. It's also certainly not a Magic Bullet. (I doubt I'll ever use mine again to be perfectly honest). It's actually an appliance that allows you to make just about anything you want to eat, except for the fact that it won't cook your meat. lol

With variable speed control and a pulse function, cold AND hot settings, you can enjoy making just about any texture drink, soup, dessert, babyfood, appetizer, dough, baking mixture, salsa, I mean the list goes on forever and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of insanely delicious recipes out there. I've even created my own smoothie recipe "The Red Velvet" that, well, tastes like the cake but minus the calories (you gotta try it!!).

Time Saver?


And what I like to do is pre-wash and prep all my fruit and veggies for the week so that prep time is cut in half yet again. Think about the time it takes you to make a delicious green salad for you and your family... Now imagine this: throw in 1 whole apple, 2 whole carrots, 2 stalks of celery, half a lime, half an avocado, some green grapes, a few handfuls of spinach, 2-3 kale leaves, a cup of water and some ice. Blend for 60 seconds and you've got a delicious and VERY nutritious green power drink that is:

a) insanely tasty

b) much quicker to make

c) much easier to digest

d) much quicker to clean up

And I'm telling you that's just one easy example...

Improve Your Health?


My husband and I still get excited about the increase of produce into our diet, and prior to buying the Vitamix 6300 we really considered ourselves very healthy people. But man! This thing has got us consuming so much more that we ever would have the time or energy to eat in a single day. I actually posted a picture on my Instagram page and to just "see" the amount is quite shocking! But in a good way:)


Ummm well none that I can think of. For some of course it's the price point, but if you keep your eyes open for some good deals online and consider what you invest in other kitchen appliances over the years then no. It's worth every penny and more. Oh and for those ho complain about the noise? Let's just remember that it's got the guts to liquify anything you put in it so it's bound to make some noise. Too loud? Not at all.

The other thing I wanted to mention in this Vitamix 6300 review is that this newest model comes in several colors (ours is white which I love), plus you get an instructional DVD, huge recipe book full of great recipes and info to help you get started. You'll soon find there is a huge online community of uber-obsessed Vitamix fans but who can blame them? Maybe one day you'll be writing a Vitamix 6300 review raving about this just like me:)

Any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!

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