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Wholesale Helium Balloons: An Inexpensive Marketing Tool
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Every business owner knows that anything that you can do to increase name recognition is a good thing. That being said, it should also be noted that most business owners know that most if not all of the tricks, tips and tools that they can use to accomplish this are expensive. There is one trick, however, that has not only stood the test of time but is fairly inexpensive as well. Wholesale helium balloons can be used not only to boost your business identity in the immediate area but can also have accidental benefits as well.

How it works is simple: you order wholesale helium balloons in several bright and cheerful colors, having your business name and information printed on the side. All of the balloons are tied with ribbons so that they can be given away to all of the little kids that may come around. But, you do not have to limit yourself to handing out these wholesale helium balloons at your own business- you can set up a booth at any event where you can draw attention of potential customers and their children. The more children that you can give out these balloons to, the better.

Little Johnny or Janie takes their balloon, after a careful debate over which is the very best color, of course and off they go. While Mom and Dad want to tie the ribbon to their little darling’s wrist to prevent a mishap, that takes some of the fun of balloon ownership away from the kid. Eventually, that balloon is going to make a break for it and off it will sail, up, up, up into the clear blue sky, leaving a broken hearted and weeping child on the ground. Now, it is ready to live the second phase of its life cycle.

Eventually, that balloon is going to catch on something or simply pop on its own and will come back down to the ground. Sometimes, the balloon will drift back down low enough to be caught by a whole new owner. Regardless of how it makes it back down, it is sincerely hoped that the balloons printing is still intact. You have effectively doubled the usefulness of these wholesale helium balloons without increasing the cost at all. From the hand of one child, the balloon can be seen by countless other people- and potentially has placed your business name in their minds.

Now, before the child loses the balloon, let’s say that he walks around at an event, the balloon merrily bouncing and bobbing along behind him. People see the balloon- possibly they ask where it came from. Those people are directed to your business’ booth and given information. Yes, the kids are the reason that the people are coming, at least at first, but they can walk away with more than just wholesale helium balloons- and you can increase the number of people who have at least some curiosity about your business and the products or services that it provides.

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