A Matter Of Justice (1)
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A Matter Of Justice (1)

I've lived well, I must say... Can not complain about it.

Sometimes, in hours of deep silence, I think I can assert it because of my peers sayings, for they never seemed to me honest praises.

It is also true that I could have been a victim and a user of many human vices.

And beyond the ups and downs of life, there were times when nothing mattered more than the grimace of pleasure wandering the noblest features of my face as some voice in a sleek and solemn emphasis intoned the excellence of my name.

More than once, for that exclusive reason, I presume, I've been considered as a friend.

No, I'm not a complicated man. My intimacy is among the simplest ones. I pay my duties and also lean a hand when it's needed. That is, no one can blame on me for being what they expect me to be: the summun of a static when someone needs to reassure the quantities which may constitutes a mere and circumstantial reality...

True it is, there are many people looking at me with anger, with an academical contempt, but... Alas! They also have a place by my side.

True it is, that they resist being caught by flattery; aware of this, with pejorative sighs, they put aside the temptation to considerer themselves with the importance granted to them by the vulgar for exalting their assertions as unique and perhaps ultimate truths...

Yes, they refuse to the sinful pleasure of Hybris... No shapeless world for them or equalitities only based on the Epic or the drama of the contrast.

Countless times I've heard them declaim that these attitudes are the ones which change the world!

I do not think so; and I shall not allow anyone to become a martyr.

A man must preserve his convictions from a civilized integrity, without extreme implications; and whether they were good or wrong, only history will consider.

I wish I could explain it in the conspicuous preface of a treatise on Ethic... I think I deserve it...

But my daily work does not allow me to develop the issue in a more expansive way... It is known that reality is more practical. There are always decisions and attitudes which need to be taken... And what people may say is an irrelevant fact which only leads to a little more than a childish argument...

Our decision are those which strenghten the systems!

Only to sum up I'll declare that, as a judge, I must ignore any perspective involving sentimentalism or emotional alterations... Can not hesitate.

The look of a convict is something that escapes from any attempt of weighting. I'm not certain if all of them, the defendants, are aware of the power I possess over their misarable lives...

In general they're condemned by me.

Allow me to add that Justice, in its abstract significance, has hardly something to do with my business... On behalf of the worthy community i represent, I need to be practical, summary, brief...

Yes, I can admit that my task is inspiring fear.

I don't even look into the offenders' eyes. I just down mines when they get to the courtroom, imploring for mercy. Most of them are usually guilty of witchcraft, blasphemy, heresy and others issues. More than once I've notice they start shaking just at the sight of me... My colleages claim that no one can generate this effect but me...

How not to be honored and praised by those expressions!

For the rest, I think it is time to say that an unfavorable verdict in my Court means the Capital Punishment...

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