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Become A Fiction Writer With Self-paced Online Instruction.
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Become a fiction writer with self-paced online instruction that will teach you everything you need to learn!

Published authors learned to write, decided they wanted to write, and they WROTE! Learning to write, or learning anything in this age is easier than it has ever been. Using the internet; you can learn everything that someone studying in a formal institution would be taught in that area of study! Every bit of instruction you would get if you were studying to become an English Major or a Creative Writing Major. You can find , and get the total instruction you would get if you were taking formal courses on Journal writing, creative writing, technical writing, romance writing, fiction writing, travel writing, magazine/article writing, or business writing.

Your excuses are no longer legitimate! What has been stopping you from writing that novel that has been itching for you to write? Has your excuse been your job, your family responsibilities, your knowledge, your schedule, of your time? I am sorry; no! I am not sorry to tell you that those excuses just won’t ‘fly’ anymore. Now, with online education, you can learn the skillset you need in grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, writing, and any other writing skill you need to learn at your pace, and you can schedule your study around your unique schedule. Now that the excuses are gone, get started towards the dreams you want to pursue!

Never has it been easier to become a skilled and successful writer! Now you can learn all you need to learn at the pace you choose. You no longer are at the mercy of a few publishers to get your book on bookshelves; with Ebooks—online books that people can buy, and read online—you have access to thousands of publishers to get your work out into the world! It is so much more exciting, and likely that you can become that writer you always knew you could be, and live the life you want to live.

The time is now, the opportunity in now; don’t look back 10 years from now and wonder ‘what if I had started 10 years ago?’ Study at your pace, learn what you need to learn, start becoming what you want to become, and commit to doing this for yourself, because you deserve it!

Personally, I dropped out of High School and joined the Marine Corps at age 17. I could barely spell 'comma' much less know where to put one. At my own pace and consistently making progress, I have evolved my writing skill one hundred fold! I am no qualified editor for the Washington Post, but the improvements that I have made have been amazing. I strongly believe that through the internet we can learn anything we desire, and at our own pace.

I am working on my first book, and I hope I can inspire at least one person to start doing the same.

Best of luck!


Street Talk

Agreed. 100%.... - everything is at our fingertips, and there should be no more excuses for not knowing something. It would just take some diligent research and reading and viewing of videos etc I write because I love writing, and no one taught me to write. Someone taught me English. How to read and write and the construction of grammar. Now here I am. lol, and I am still learning how to write. All the best Meet you at the corner of your next conjunction. Regards, Brendan Michael Merrick

  about 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm totally agree, it's never been easier to write. You can always find some time to write, if that's what really makes you happy. Nice job here.

  about 1 decade ago

Good article, John. It's very inspiring. Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago
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