Neldo's Way (I)
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Neldo\'s way (I)

It was not the only way we had to preserve our dignity, indeed... I mean, Neldo's way.

And even though it was a hard thing of admitting, we had to get used to such a reality.

Neldo's way! My, how dreadful!

-"Let's admit it, let's admit it..." we said to each other and we felt a bit better afterwards.

But when the night was deep and darkness was our only witness, the failure, the plain failure of our brightest and talented intelligence came up, appeared in our confusing cravings, and it didn't take too long for turning them into a sort of continuous nightmare.

Next day, we insisted: "How could this happen?"

That was the imbecile question we were able to make among us.

Then the features of our faces -most of the time expressing a clever and witty gesture of courage and wisdom- became more stupid as we did such a requirement, emphasizing what we would have denied a few days before: our own foolishness.

But... Bloody hell! Who's going to know that this guy could have an idea?

Never seemed to be meant for doing so. He rather looked as human being whose main concern consisted in having an all night long meeting at any dirty honkey-tonk; get some bed-worker girl, enjoying of his simple manhood: and, right after meet a decent maid to be married with, growing old and getting fat as they expect bringing up a lovely child.

Yet by the time those things happened, Neldo was only devoted to the two first tasks.

And as for our perspectives around him, we did not believe that he's going to meet the graceful and innocent maid nor even such a gal existed.

Above all the conspicuous reasons we certainly had for considering so, we chose the most obvious one: his astonishing ugliness.

He was quite short, like the tallest dwarf of a dwarf colony. Dark-short hair, which had been spoiled by the razamong or of a barber who Neldo, amazingly considered as one of his best of friends

He had felshy lips, and even they might have been taken as an attractive characterisitic by some kind of exotic women; but the upper lip covered up the lower one, and the effect that caused was not, I'm afraid, particulary sensual...

No comments deserves the rest of his face.

At the damnable hour of our tragedy, we could hardly remember some aspects and circumstances in which we started to consider him as a buddy-boy. He just showed up, and we simply got used to having his presence. As days went by, he became in the perfect target of our contemptuous comments...

Needless to say, giggles and jokes come up from our lips at first sight of him...; we were incredibly witty, indeed.

But he never got angry.

Never a defensive reaction nor a simple phrase which regarded his human dignity hurt by comrades who wouldn't have recognized him as a peer if they had been asked.

As for Neldo's permanent smile, we didn't even stop to consider that it might have been the outer expression of a person who needs to feel himself as a vital link of a friendship... He just smiled...; he always agreed with each single imprecation -if imprecation might be considered funny- we said to the detriment of him. And when all those innocent amusements had been expressed, there's no better stuff than put on airs with our manhood accomplishments at his admiration

And it was the same smile which Neldo offered to lean us a hand with...

At first we burst out into laughings for sure. And we kept such a self-flattering smile -not longer a laugh- for about a week.

Among all the possible excuses we checked out in order to make more acceptable our deeds, we hardly considered Neldo's way; and what's more, we thought he had done it on propose... Any normal person would have reacted in such vengeful way if he had been treated in the thoughtless fashion that we did with him... That's just fair.

But Neldo insisted, politely persuasive, almost sweetly, just like a fairy woman...

The time was running short and the drama was about to begin when desperation got into action.

As for all we knew, the proofs were against us.

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