Neldo's Way II
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Neldo\'s Way II

In spite of our irreversible wittiness, we're unable to make all the suspicions were focused on others guys.

But deep inside we didn't intend to do the stuff was another person's fault. We're proud enough of ourselves to make another one will take all the glory away... As a matter of fact, being only suspicious was not what we'd been taking foolish risks for...

And now, wandering at the very top of our pride, we're led up to believe in reasons which would not even have been considered by anyone of us a few days before.

By then it was not shameful at all to consider the whole thing as majestic as the most perfect chefs-d'ouevre.

Never and ever none of us wanted to know who had made the first step.

We're only aware of the advantages granted by the surroundings... At that very minute none of the fellas wanted to assumed none leadersip nor being the boss. Phlegmatic movements and trembling hands led us up towards the longed accomplishment.

A bit overwhelmed by the increasing semi-darkness of the mise en scene around us, and was not already necessary to make up our minds.

A shivering glance, a calculated movement and the steel went out from a pocket...

Before we might have felt pity on the victim, we ran away quickly.

When we finally stopped, panting and wordless, somehow we managed to regain our breath.

The fresh air of the night fed up our lungs, and also brought us back some of our composure. And silently, for eternal seconds, we devoted every single thought to the immediate past.

-Night has thousands of eyes- murmmured, almost sadly, one of us.

Another one smiled, as if he'd have pretended to refuse himself the appearance of insecurity on his mind.

However he replied, sharply and next to annoy:

-Chinesse said such a nonsense...

As an echo of that statement -which amazingly took us back the calmness we didn't think we needed under those cirumstances- the rest of us, biding his time and right after the other one, declared:

-Stuff has been done!

And for an endless instant, breathing normally, we felt relieved from the evils of the night.

Such a vague impression made us to deem that slashing a dog's neck was not a weigh particulary grim for being carried by our flawless consciences.

All we've done was to slay a dog.

The creature seemed asleep when we got at its side. Likely it didn't notice -if dogs are in position to understand such things- what was happening. And when we were around it, its time only belonged to us...

We also declared that no further harms or wounds were caused by us on the animal's anatomy. And when we were required for the reasons of such an unwitting act -as it was considered-, almost in unison voice, we assured that it deserved such a fate -the puppy- for having been a pernicious element for the whole well-being of our community...

For indeed we would have behaved in a complete different way if the situation had been another one.

The truth is that we could not help missing the ocassion of having something to put on airs about. Besides no one would believe in our fancy story and the details of the damend dog's death, but one single man...

Precisely Neldo would, since he was both our hearer and inquirer of the confession we elegantly invented.

Just a few words and gestures were enough for him to declare his total antagonism soon after the secret was told by our lips.

At first we stared at that frightful face up and down several times while the words slipped away explaining the reasons whose bases started to tremble.

We gasped the concepts; we built the greatest bridges with words, and those bridges led up the words to make up others brand new ideas whose outstanding eloquence would have persuaded and enlightened anyone's mind.

But it didn't..., not at all.

And it did not deserve such a brilliant explanation being regarded with a simple and vulgar cheerful smile.

Harder than ever was to accept that every single phrase we said, eloquently pronounced, was not meant to marvel at them.

It was nearly to be miserable to recognize, from the very bottom of heart, that the person we were talking to was not able to demonstrate anything but a sympathetic smile.

And those fleshy lips persisted in such a senseless smile 'till from its interior flowered out a sort of words which seemed to articulate a phrase, and such a phrase described what was almost insane of being accepted by us.

Next to the heartbreaking, and hardly aware of circumstances around us, Neldo, always smiling and almost with shyness, ended up his concepts and asked to us:

-Why has dog been slain?

And even though we immediately presumed the requirement was due to an everlasting foolishness, we're just bewildered and with reluctance we had to admit that those kind of questiones were formulated when the clearest reasons have not had at least a starting point clearer than the whole reason.

Dreadfully shuddered, none of the folks dared answering nothing...

Oh, yes, we wish we could have been pleased with a mock, a practical joke in order to get our feet back on the ground!

For well we knew that Neldo had reached out his hand for ending up with such a perturbing tribulation.

On the line of our brand new confussion, and when Neldo was finishing his farewell, as he promised us a better dawn-day, it was hard a lot to accept that Neldo's way was the very last chance we had of being men among men once again...

-The one who begs for friendship should not deserve it at all- tried to encourage us a voice which we hardly recognized as the one of our comrades.

Seemed to be the last and desperate attempt for getting some consolation.

Slowly we spread out and each one turned to his own point of view.

We shook hands to each other as we reassured to get together next day.

Time went by and we still cannot look straight into another person's eyes.

Although we do not moan of our achievements in life, in our lonely whiles and even among us, there're certain subjects we prefer to keep away from our fervent happiness.

All of us have married, and there're still few of us who are not bringing a child.

We got married with well-educated women, to whom belong each one of our loyal thoughts.

We also manage to keep the patience when children burst into tears in the middle of the night. We hush them, and if we have to, we look after them, too. And if we're allowed by our intellectual sorrow, we're glad to listen to our wives confessing how secure they are of our benevolence...

Yes, life's just like we always thought it would be!

And yes, we still keep in touch with Neldo... That is, we still make our best to bear him.

We couldn't assure if he has changed, sometimes we do believe he has not.

For instance he can hardly pronounce a simple word with the enough accuracy. We want to help him to express by himself, but the task is mostly impossible.

It will be kind of hard he recovery all his senses...

Ever since he was brutally beaten by the Laird's employees right after to assume the responsability of the Laird's favourite pet death, he's nearly to be a cripple...

By that time we had the chance to meet his mother, his only relative...; we went at his home, too, We never had gone before. And it was really an useful experience 'cause we can help them financially everytime we can.

But most imposrtant is that Neldo continues close to us...

Yeah, we feel pity on him and all that stuff..., but..., and if it was not because of his stupid and permanent smile we would not even mock at his back.

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