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Our Favorite Nigger(1)
Every morning his brothers had to struggle to get him up. Always the same dilemma... During the planting and also in harvest time. In fact, because of this daily repetition of such an irritating nuisance, they swore to themselves and to each other, make him to desist of the pursuit…
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Workin the Night Shift
That damn alarm it must be 9:30 Johns heavy hand hits the black box and it stops screaming and he’s down for another five before he actually gets his ass out of bed, night shift. John heads to the wash room he hears his wife getting him his coffee and…
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At the Traffic Light
And any given day is also the very first sigh of life. Right there, in those millionths of seconds and a few thousands of minutes vehement longings of a life are compressed. I will not say of desires 'cause they live in the dreams... It will be better, and even…
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Lesbian Fiction Books - From Origins to Today - Lesbian Fiction Books Increase In Popularity
When did it start? - First examples of Lesbian Fiction The well of Loneliness (1928) by Radclyffe Hall is considered to be the first English language work of lesbian fiction or that at least had a lesbian theme, therefore can be considered the first of the lesbian fiction books. This…
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The Woman With The Red Hair - A Subway Story
Got on the New York subway the other day after a hard days work. As soon as the doors opened, I was one of those rushing to find an empty seat. I just beat a huge man to a spot who was wearing a snug grey suit that was cut…
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Our Favorite Nigger (2)
A couple of books had taught him to have a dream, a longing. Into a torn bag which he carried wherever he was, he took away four books whose pages made his heart to throb. There they were at hand: Mr. Stevenson and his exotic treasure's seaching; the adventurous Twain;…
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Gone Camping
It was starting to get dark and Jeff has been gone a long time. Jeff said he was going to do a little afternoon hunting and would be back before dark. Kay was starting to get really worried. She is not an experienced camper, but Jeff said after a few…
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