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Red Wagon
The Johnson farm is deserted now, has been for a couple of year. The Yard is dead and over grown. There is nothing but a little red wagon amoungst the weeds. Years ago times were hard and money was scarce so there was little choice for Ted Johnson but to…
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Geek T - shirts And Funny T - shirts for Everyone
Funny quotes even at work when folks have none uniform times in collaborating or affiliating with a charity use workers fork out a nominal payment for one working day to don normal costume down days fairly than business office apparel. Even on this unique day a good deal of the…
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Memories Of My Christmas: How Did Santa Always Get it Right?
My memories of every Christmas are all the same. They always begin with a converstaion:"Do you think he came, Aim?" I asked weakly with my hands around my mouth to direct the question only to her.My sister and I allowed our whispered conversation to grow in volume as our assurance…
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Neldo's Way II
In spite of our irreversible wittiness, we're unable to make all the suspicions were focused on others guys. But deep inside we didn't intend to do the stuff was another person's fault. We're proud enough of ourselves to make another one will take all the glory away... As a matter…
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Writing Prompts And Writing Journal
Here are some writing prompts to get started: People always are gloomy on a cloudy day. What could be the reason? Science has not yet been able to explain the amazing power of the brain over the body. How would things change if your state of mind could bring your…
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A Wedding's Eve
"In no time I'll be another kind of person...- told to herself a pretty lovely lady as she was lying on her bed. She intended to light a cigarette; and she'd already done it in the same instant in which she remembered she had quited smoking. She just put it…
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Where's Betty
It was the spring of 1931 and times were very hard. After the stock market crashed, money was scarce. Many families could not feed their children. One of the casualties of the times was baby Betty June. Her mom and dad could not feed her so they gave her up…
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