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The Pain Behind The Beauty
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Beatrice lives in a Tudor house that she inherited from her grandparents at the end of my street. She rarely ventures outside except when she has to have her monthly medical check-up and even then, a van will pick her up and the driver will beep his horn twice and she virtually runs outside to get into the van.

Once a week, someone would come over to maintain the garden and the house. But no one from our street had ever received an invitation to her place. Then one day, to my surprise, she knocked in my door and handed a couple of letters that the mail man had accidentally left in her letter box.

I invited her in. She hesitated for a while, and then she came in, sat down and said she can only stay for 5 minutes. I offered her a glass of wine. The 5 minutes turned into ten, then 15, then half an hour and before long she had a few glasses of red wine and two hours had passed. Before she left, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said, I will see you next Friday night.

I could hardly wait for the day to come. The house is massive, ornately decorated with antique furniture’s and I felt privileged to be invited.

She led me into this magnificent room; she called “The Ballroom”. The life like paintings of her grandparents, her parents and other ancestors that depict elegance on the aristocratic era, is on the wall. Their names etched at the bottom of each piece of art. Massive chandeliers, antique furniture’s, and a grand piano adorn the room. On top of the piano is a life portrait of a gentleman with deep blue piercing eyes, almost staring at me with a question as to why I am there. My eyes wandered at the bottom of the portrait looking for a name, but I can’t see any. My curiosity is jumping out of my skin and Beatrice can sense it.


She said…

“His name is Ross”

“Would you like a drink? Beatrice asked

“Yes please” I replied

She opened a wall that turned into a bar with drinks that a pub would be proud of. She poured a wine. Pepper Jack Cab sav….my favourite drink.

“I bought it for you” she said...

I instantly fell in love with this woman. Drinking the wine from what seems like an expensive crystal glass made it more delectable.

Taking my hand, she led me back to Ross, delicately running her painted fingers on the portrait. It almost came to life. On that moment I felt like an intruder into their world, intruding into an affair that they never had. She took my hand and said;

“Close your eyes”

As I touched “Ross” hand, it felt like he touched me back, with a gentle squeeze, like velvet, I can feel the magic, absorbing the love.

Then she said, he’s the love of her life, killed in a motor accident 5 years ago.

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