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Why Flash Fiction Is The Future
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Why Flash Fiction is the Future

If you have ever watched television you might have noticed the increasing popularity of shows that focus on short 2-3 minute skits. Shows like Robot Chicken or Mad are increasing in popularity, and creating a raving fanbase.

This is because the internet, and more precisely youtube and twitter have lowered our attention spans and have made it hard for us to concentrates. There was a time when the average attention span was 20 minutes, nowadays it's more like 5 minutes or less, and everyone has to accommodate to it.

That's why short stories, and more specifically flash fiction is becoming increasingly more popular, and will do so in future years.

Of course this is not the only reason for the increasing popularity of flash fiction. Flash fiction became more popular also because it's one of the few mediums which allows for the expression of pure creativity. Virtually every creative writing teacher will tell you that to write short stories you have to learn how to access your subconscious mind, the root of your authentic creativity.

Even Franz Kafka did this way. He said that he wrote his short stories by not thinking, preparing or planning them out he just allowed them to be written through him, and this is how I try to write my own stories which is evidenced in the way they are written. They are raw, pure, expressive, and sometimes even a bit surreal. And if I might say so myself darker and more unique than any 1000000 word novel could ever dream to be

Another reason why flash fiction is the future is the fact it's fan base is more open to much darker plots than most, this is because horror in smaller quantities can very easily be very enjoyable. It's just like a spice. You like a tiny bit of it, but to much spice can be horrible. This is also why I focus only on writing short stories such and sometimes they are very dark indeed.

And I'm not the only one who reached this conclusion. Even the famous horror author Clive Barker mostly wrote short stories and novelettes, and actually one of his novelettes was then developed into one of the most famous horror franchises in the world - the Hellraiser series.

So in summary short books, and short stories are the future of the literary world just like short skits and short youtube movies are the future of visual media. The media has to accommodate the changing preferences of our modern generation, and it will do so weather it likes it or not.

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