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The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Chapter 4) Champagne And Rosa!
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The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Chapter 4) Champagne And Rosa!

After the bloody and messy episode surrounding Kelvin and his girlfriend, I did some sums and calculated that I had enough money to enjoy Marbella and Puerto Banus for another week or so at the very best. But being the eternal optimist I figured I would have no problem finding further work. It had only taken me a day to find work when I arrived to Spain so surely I could do it again. I decided not to worry about my money situation and continued to party hard.

Even though I had fallen out of favour with the popular brothers, this didn't damage my reputation as much as I initially thought it might. I was still meeting people with ease. My new so called friends all thought that Kelvin went over the top with his actions to me and did not hold any hatred towards me. As I wandered around the streets of Marbella or even sunbathed on the beach, people came up to me and asked how I was as I was still sporting the black eye.

The champagne flowed and most of the time I didn't even have to pay for it. I obviously couldn't afford it, but in the bars I frequented, it was generously pushed upon you by my new friends, the rich socialites flaunting their wealth and competing with their counterparts. Who was I to say no! It wasn't just the champagne that came in abundance but there were drugs everywhere and very easily accessible. I didn't consume drugs everyday but I didn't resist temptation on a number of occasion. This hedonistic high lasted for a week or so, until the money and the drugs took hold of me.

I would spend all day on the beach working on a great tan, go back to my room once I had enough of the heat, crash till around ten in the evening, shower, change and go out and party until sunrise, mingling with people I would never have met back in London. The majority of people I mixed with were from a completely different background. As well as the rich and famous, many people I met were criminals on the run from the UK, and it did occur to me on a number of occasions that there was a much darker, seedier side to the apparent carefree lifestyle most seemed to enjoy. To be honest I was starting to enjoy this different way of life, this darker side, the unknown and carefree life.

A few days had passed since that evenful night with Kelvin. I thought about that night, how does he feel about me?, would he give me my job back? I laughed, of course he won't, So I had to find a new job, any job to get some money. I had about enough for a few more days but I needed to pay my rent, to eat, so after enjoying my time drinking and partying, I decided that I would start to look for some work. I had to as my bank balance did not to impressive.

One particular night, I decided to adverture out as I had enough money for a couple of drinks. I had been staying in my room more and more during the day. I also felt very low the following day after a night out, I assume that this was due to excessive drinking and the use of drugs. It was about around midnight that I decided to go to a completly new bar by the Marina.

I had a couple of drinks and contemplating about my day tomorrow about finding a job when I started to talk to a couple that came in and sat down next to me at the bar. His name was Peter, a guy in his mid thirties from Leeds. He had been in Marbella for two years and she was Spanish, Rosa, from Madrid. I thought they were an item, but it turned out they were just friends. I remember thinking he seemed to be very keen on her but (as I later found out) his feelings were not reciprocated. She was very attractive, tall, slim, dark shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, a classic latin beauty.

The evening was turning into a very good night and as the night wore on, she started to flirt with me which was a nice surprise but also made me feel rather awkward. I had a problem with Kelvin and his girlfriend and didn't want the same results from Peter as I knew that he did like Rosa. However, once again the cocktails were consumed and any concern I initially had for Peter's feelings diminished and I willingly responded to her advances, as I knew that Peter and Rosa were not an item and Rosa was beautiful and very sexy.

Rosa and I danced the night away, getting physically closer as the hours passed by. Peter by now had disappeared without us noticing and I am sure pretty pissed off. The hours passed whilst we were dancing and getting closer and it must have been very early in the morning because as we were heading back to her apartment for the eventuality of getting closer there was a most beautiful sunrise.

It was the following afternoon when we came out from under the sheets of her bed. I had just spent the most amazing time with Rosa, she is a beautiful, sexy, passionate woman and I was spellbind as I watched her take her silky robe from the floor, put it on and head towards the kitchen to make us a bite to eat.

She reappeared, a vision, with an appetising platter of bread, cheese, fruits and a jug of cool iced sangria. We ate, drank, taked and laughed on her balcony which had an amazing view of the blue ocean. The sun was beating down on us and I felt completely happy. For that moment, as I looked at the sea, the sun and the smile on Rosa's face, I had not a care in the world.

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