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Being Single And How It Can Be Good For You
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Being Single And How it Can Be Good for You

You may have come out of a relationship or even never been in one but the feeling of being alone is so hurtful. As humans we are not meant to be alone even though we may feel like we are better off being by ourselves. But the truth is we really need each other in this path of life.

Single life can suck and can be heart breaking but it doesn't have to be that way. Its okay to have feelings because we are human but they cannot detect our lives. Feelings are neither bad or good but we can choose not to follow them. Our lives can always take a turn and change in seconds and are always changing. Lets begin to change our feelings and move on.

How to move on and how being single can help you:

1) Change your mindset: This is the first step of moving on. Just like someone decides to lose 20lbs every month to reach their weight goal of 145lbs so can you by changing your mindset.Deciding to move on and believing that someone better will come into your life. There will always be someone for you like there is a lid for every pot. There is hope for you and believe that you will meet them at the right time. This is only something you can do and no one can do for you. Making a decision to move on is definitely the first step that help mend that broken heart.

2) Be you own student: You may think you know all there is to know about yourself but you really don't. You can do some soul searching and take note of your strengths and weakness. There may be some traits that show up that could have hurt your relationship and you can begin to work on them. That way s you don't have to do make the same mistake. Take care of yourself would also fit in here. That could be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritual. Taking care of yourself and trying to look good will help concentrate of things that matter.

3) Join your friends: With the lonelinesss, you may have no urge to mingle with others but this will help you focus outwardly. Here you can share your concerns with friends and i guarantee you a good friend will be there to comfort you and listen to you. This really helps you to vent which people should do more often instead of bury their worries. Friends at this point are whom you should be with and hang with to reduce the loneliness. The main goal is to focus on outside issues and people rather than your emotions at this point.

4) Indulge in other activities: Do you love reading, swimming, tennis, beach volleyball? Now is the time to indulge in these activities. Take this time to meet others and mingle and get to know them. Do something you love that way you wont lose the passion doing it. It may be a work out plan, shopping, pampering yourself with your best kind of food. With time you will begin to feel that your emotions towards the situation became numb and fade away.

Take time to do what you love to do in this time of being single and explore more as you get ready for your soul mate.

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