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How Can I Find A Man
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How Can I Find A Man

If you are really wondering “How can I find a man?” then it depends on what sort of man you are after as to where best to look for him. So, what sort of man are you after?

How long have you been stumbling around in the dark so to speak, settling for whatever man would give you attention?

Well, it’s time to make a decision right now about the kind of man you would like to be with. I always thought I was too picky, but realized through experience that it’s ok to be picky with things that really matter to you in a relationship.

What I did find out through seeing a lot of happy couples together, is that they do share similar interests, passions and values. So have a look at your own life and think about when you find a man, what things you would like to share together? Will he do similar things to you in his spare time so when you aren’t working, you are sharing that spare time together.

If you have had any ex boyfriends who did or said things that you didn’t like, then this time when you ask yourself “how can I find a man”, make sure it’s with traits you do like. These traits should include you feeling more loved, valued and respected. I found it important to write down the traits that I preferred to find in a man. That way I could refer back to them when I started dating, to make sure I wasn’t settling because I just felt lonely or wanted someone to share things with.

The best place I can recommend (through personal experience) of how can I find a man, was through online dating websites. Some have better quality men on them than others, so you may have to have a look through some of them before you fully commit to using one dating website for a certain period of time. The larger amount of members to me, meant that there was a greater chance of being able to find a man that would suit what I wanted.

Some dating websites I recommend are match, chemisty, rsvp, plentyoffish and my personal favourite where I found the love of my life was on eharmony and these websites may be different depending on where you live. The reason I prefer online dating websites, is because you can check out the guy before you even meet to make sure he would be a match for you. It helped me take the nerves away too as we communicate via email first. There is less rejection too because if they don’t like you when you first show interest, then it didn’t matter too much to me = next!

There are other places too that I can recommend for being able to find a man who shares your interests and passions. These include meetup (online website) where you look for meetup groups that are related to what your interests are. Signing up to classes that you may be interested in around your nearby town like dancing or cooking. Sharing the passion of health by joining a health classe or going to the gym. Even joining a sport you’re interested in to learn to play, can also give you an opportunity to find a man who you are compatible with.

So now you should have a much better understanding of how can I find a man, without feeling completely lost. Most women have been there too and you have to be patient with finding the right man for you. Don’t settle for whoever shows you interest, make sure you are compatible first. If you haven’t set up an online profile with a dating website yet, I suggest you give it a try. They are all very secure now and protect your information with the utmost importance.

Most of the dating websites also include blogs to help answer questions about relationships. You can also find lots of other articles, blogs, ebooks and even audios online that can help you find a man as well. I have searched a lot of the information around the internet on relationships and managed to always learn something more that helped me get my relationship.

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