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How To Attract A Soulmate
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How To Attract A Soulmate

If you've been having trouble attracting the wrong partners in the past or even attracting any partners at all, then it’s important to understand what you might be doing wrong. If you want to know how to attract a soulmate, then this means you don’t just want anyone, you want “The One”. So this is the right place to learn some of what I have learned about attracting a soulmate, the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There are a few important aspects I came to realize when I wanted to know how to attract a soulmate. The first part was to know what I wanted in a soulmate. You can find this out easily by looking at your past relationships and other relationships around you. When you review your past relationships, was there certain things your ex partners said or did that you didn’t like or wanted to change? What you wanted them to do or be like will be part of what you want in a soulmate.

But you will need to create a list of what you want in your soulmate and I would highly recommend writing it down on paper. Even closing your eyes and thinking about all the things you wish a partner had done for you or with you, as well as all the things they did that was good will help. Write these down on your list and try not to focus on physical features unless it’s really important to you. Like if they need to be as tall as you or taller, or if they need to have a great smile or a great physique. You cannot ask for a specific person, because just like it's said in the movie "Evan Almighty", people have free will. You cannot make a particular person love you.

Now think about other relationships that you admire or think, I wish I had that. Then also write down what that couple was doing that you liked. Were they affectionate? Do they take it in turns cleaning the house? Do they communicate really well? Did they say compliments to each other regularly? Add these answers to your list.

This should expand your list even further, but don’t get worried if your list seems too long. As long as it will include all the things that you really want in this soulmate partner. If it’s something that doesn’t bother you too much, then don’t include it. Only include what is really important to you to be able to be in this relationship for the rest of your life.

If you are involved in work that you really love to do, and you are feeling happy and fulfilled, then that increases the attraction and magnetizes your soulmate to you more easily. Most people prefer to be around happier and more positive people. So if you currently don’t enjoy your work, then make sure in your spare time that you are following a passion that you have, or an interest in something that makes you excited and feel fulfilled.

To know how to attract a soulmate while giving them the best chance of being attracted to you, means that you will also need to be free of your past relationships or potential partners who aren’t interested in you. This includes throwing out everything that reminds you of them, so you can start new with your soulmate. If they are still frequently on your mind, then a good exercise I used to release a past love was to write them a letter.

I wrote their name at the top and then thanked them for being involved in my life and teaching me what I didn’t want in a partner so I could understand what I did want. Then I wished them all the best and screwed up the letter and threw it out. Writing this letter was for my own benefit, not theirs, so even though I imagined saying it to them before I threw it out, it gave me closure to let them go. It's best not to give them the letter.

Now you when you take action towards attracting a soulmate, you will also be trusting that they are already on their way to you. Some action steps could include going out somewhere you don’t normally go, joining an online dating website, joining a gym or health class, or becoming involved in something you have always wanted to be involved in. Keep yourself busy meeting new people and being involved in things that you really enjoy doing will eventually lead you to your soulmate.

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I am lucky, mine found me. Nice work on this!

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Shawn, that will also inspire others to believe its possible :-)

  about 1 decade ago
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