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How To Attract The Right Person For You
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How To Attract The Right Person For You

If you really want to know how to attract the right person for you, then you need to be open and ready to accept them into your life. Do you really feel ready?

Are you emotionally ready to accept their words and actions which could be misconstrued because of past relationships that hurt you?

Are you willing to learn patience, true love and completely accepting the other person for who they are without trying to change them?

Do you really want this right person for you to be with you until the day you die?

Can you handle that sort of commitment?

If you answered yes to all of the above, not only with your thoughts, but with your heart and soul as well, then you are ready. Now in order to attract the right person for you, you will need to know what they will be like so you will need to write up a list. Now with the list, remember that certain things can change over time like looks, finances and material things. So make sure that the person you want to spend the rest of your life with will have a soul that will go the distance for you no matter what.

When you think about this list, and what you want in this partner, also imagine the things you will be doing together. What interests and passions you share. How you will both be able to fulfil each other’s needs for love with great understanding. You will also need to understand that men and women are different and how they are brought up does also contribute to their beliefs around love and relationships. If you have been hurt a lot in the past, by not only ex partners but also family, then you will need to find ways to resolve that and forgive those who hurt you.

Now think about what blockages you may have regarding this right person coming to you?

What negative energy are you carrying around regarding love and successful relationships?

Do you even believe that true love exists?

Do you believe that someone can love you and only want to be with you until the day they die?

If you have conflicting thoughts about beliefs that true love exists, then you need to find out why and what caused you to initially think that & start finding proof that it does exist so you can change those beliefs to more positive ones.

We generally look for a partner to resolve hurt issues or love that we feel we lacked growing up. So just be aware of this so you can control how much you feel you need of that love from your partner, that you didn’t get when you were young. Also remember though, that when you do attract the right person for you, that they will understand this and help you through it. They will be supportive, understanding and loving towards you, as they will also know that you aren't hurting them intentionally.

When past negative patterns come up in my life with my loving partner, I realized what they were so we were able to work through them together. This is where you realize that you are getting upset over something your partner has said or done and you are relating it to a past negative experience, when your partner meant it differently. So as you do get upset with things that your partner may do or say, just make sure through honest communication that you understand clearly what they mean.

I would also notice myself mimicking how family and friends around me treat their partners, whether it was a successful relationship or not. When I would have conflict with something my partner said or did, I realized that I would act in similar ways to those of my family members when they have conflict with their relationships. So this does go to show that we can mimic the actions of those we tend to spend the most time with, whether it is positive or negative influences.

When you understand how to attract the right person for you, you still need to understand that even though they are amazing and so loving and kind towards you, there will still be conflict. If you don't disagree on things, then you won't be able to learn, grow and compromise together. But during these conflicts, they will still have your best interests at heart and may even be putting your needs ahead of their own. It will still feel easy to be with each other because you will both want to work through these conflicts.

Being able to attract the right person for you, will mean you are ready and happy within your own life first. Never expect someone else to make you happy, even though they will enjoy doing that. It's too much pressure to assume that someone else can make us happy. Only we control our own thoughts and how we perceive things, which will be influenced by our past.

Make sure that you take action towards finding this right person for you as it will help them find you too. Because don't forget, they are looking for the right person for them too and you already are a perfect match for someone, you just may not of found each other yet. So get out there, join groups, meetups, sports, classes or even join dating websites on the internet. Give that person the best possible chance of finding you too.

So in conclusion, you need to be ready to accept this person, know what you want, be happy within your own life first and then take action toward finding them. Don't put all your focus on just this one person though, keep busy with your own life and they will appear at the right time.

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