How To Get Laid
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How To Get Laid

Right Lads Lets get started, we are talking Night life today and how to get sex from it, simple when you know how.

First steps are key here we go

Step 1- You're there to have fun Mindset

This is key guys, instead of thinking I want to get laid so bad its a joke, I need tits now etc etc , have a laugh with friends and anyone who you come across, you are the man having a party like usual, act like you own the place, this approach to the night will reduce your anxiety levels ten-fold because you will be in a playful and talkative mood.

Step 2- Openers

Not nearly as important as many men make out but there are some good ones that I have personally had great responses with

You have an incredible energy about you

Hi! I only have three months to live

I thought woman like you travelled in packs

you look like you need a real man

Its important not to have too many openers in your head whilst out as I have found that you can become too in your head and you can seem weird.

Step 3- Conversation

It is the biggest issue for men when interacting with woman is keeping a conversation alive so here are a few tips and tricks for being a good conversationalist

Have no filter

Say what you feel, don't not say something because you are worried about being judged and all that no use nonsense, be proud, let yourself go and be a real man, that will solve most of your conversation issues because they wont be weird and awkward.

Tell me more

Woman want to be listened too simply as that so start listening much more, listen authentically though don't just nod your head pretending to listen whilst you think of what to say next, woman open up more and will like you more as a result.


Make a statement on a subject then ask a question, don't go into interview mode where woman get so f****** bored.

Step 4- Sealing the deal

If you live close by it will be easier to get her home however it can still be done if you are not, all you need is an excuse it could be anything from come drop by my place to have a look at my art, to lets grab a bit to eat at my place or lets grab at drink at mine.

Make sure your place is tidy before leaving for the night out as woman appreciate it , have condoms close by then go for it just escalate like a beast, they know they want so give it to them like a real man

For more information on how to attract woman visit here

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