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Why Being Single Is Not A Bad Thing Despite The Views Of The Right Wing
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Why Being Single is Not A Bad Thing Despite the Views Of the Right Wing

The extremists of the Right Wing vow to fight for what they deem "traditional" marriage and that is, of course, their right. However, in so doing, they have once again dipped into the way back machine, trying desperately to resurrect some rather old fashioned values in the process. While women in general should be watching these people with a wary eye at all times, all single people should also be casting a suspicious glance at the "family values" party as well. They may not want to hear this, but it does bear saying. Not everyone wants to be married. Not everyone is living their entire life trying to find a mate.

A conservative group cited a study, recently in an interview. That study tried to paint the college women of today as marriage seeking, giggling girls who were enrolled in prestigious and expensive colleges with the soul purpose of finding a husband. But, statistically, the study was proven to be not just misleading but an outright lie.

There are many people, even those who are not seeking college degrees that want to date, sometimes for the long term and sometimes not, without moving on to marriage. To them, the natural procession of a relationship does not necessarily culminate with a white dress, traipsing down the aisle in front of family and friends.Whether they are choosing serial monogamy or they just stick to more casual dating, they know that they are satisfied with their life, as is.

Elizabeth Miette, a writer specializing in erotica is a perfect example. After escaping an abusive, cohabitation situation, she dated several men casually before falling hard for a man, but not in the hearts and flowers kind of way many people would probably expect. They had a strange (at least to others) kind of relationship that included the agreement that they would not be "engaged" or even "engaged to be engaged" at any point. They got together every two weeks- they went out to eat, to the movies and to hockey games, all things they both enjoyed. Other times they sat on the couch watching silly shows and just enjoying each other. Her friends pushed her to push him for a "commitment" but she ignored them.

There are some things that the old fashioned thinkers need to get straight. You can be a woman without wanting to be a wife. You can love someone without wanting to have to uproot your whole life to be with them. Not everyone has the exact same dreams for their future. Sometimes, you have to break from the pack to feel the most free. Single is not a bad word nor is being single a bad thing.

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