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Better Web Builder Review
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I have spent the last couple of months spending 5-9 hours a day looking for a way to make a living online because I have been disabled from a car accident on New Year's Day of 2007 and am unable to work away from home. I have looked at so many of the so-called guru's get-rich-quick schemes that I had just about decided that I wasn't ever going to find any true ways to make money at home on the computer that I almost gave up.

Then I came across at a site called Better Web Builder. At first, my thoughts were that this would be just another one of those sites that promised lots, but offered little to nothing without dragging out the credit card and putting me even deeper in debt. After all, they promised over $100 in tools, features and services I could use for free! So, I did the usual, stuck my name and email in the boxes. Much to my surprise, I went to the site and logged in and it really was true, that you could use their tools at no cost!

They had over $100 a month in tools you could use and be a free member! So after looking at everything they have to offer, I would recommend this site to anyone interested in looking to try and start a web-based business, or they even allow you to promote your own products, so if you have some sort of business but would like to grow the business, or could use some of the tools that you normally have to pay for, I suggest you take a look.

Like any other business, you can always start out with the free level and still use the tools that come with it, which does seem to be about $100 in value. And you don't have a limited time frame in which the tools will no longer be available. You can use them every month if you would like. They do however, have three other levels that do cost each month, but even the very top level which is Gold, is less than $30 per month, and if you are really serious in making an income, it has the potential to be much more rewarding. One instance of differences between free up to Gold is the levels of commissions you earn. As a Gold member, you earn 7 levels deep, where as a free member only earns one level of commissions.

BetterWebBuilder is a site that you don't have to pull out your credit card to look at. I hope the review of what they have to offer has been of some help, and has made it easier for you decide if the things they offer are what you are looking for.

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having the tools for a business is one thing, the other thing is mindset for business and keeping up with it. as your better website builder sponsor i can help you. bit[dot]ly/betweb

  about 1 decade ago
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