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Canucks Owners Still Golden Even With First Round Ousting
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Canucks Owners Still Golden Even With First Round Ousting

I am by all accounts not a rabid hockey fan. I don't know every detail on player injuries or past point production just so I can play in a hockey pool. I don't own an NHL sweater. I don't follow Don Cherry’s every word like it was the gospel. But I have watched the game for the past 30 years and played a little when I was a wee one.

I live within Canuck nation and can count as one of my close friends a guy who has, without fail, lived and breathed Canuck hockey for as long as I can remember. He is a true and loyal fan because he doesn't change the channel when his Nucks gets scored on, like I do. He sulks when the Nucks lose, I don't. He is one of the best armchair quarterbacks insisting on getting rid of players or coaches or managers when things aren't going the Nuck's way. I could care less.

In essence, he's delusional, sorry, I meant passionate, while I’m a bandwagoner. And it is this passion that will sell out Rogers Arena next year, even when the Nucks get bounced from Round One of this year' playoffs.

Vancouver will again sell out Rogers Arena next year and continue an envious run of

400 consecutive regular season game sellouts. This remarkable achievement is third to only the Boston Red Sox and the Dallas Mavericks.

Does anyone see the connection between these three franchises? Despite horrendous losing records over prolonged stretches, each of these organizations managed to sell out their respective arenas and stadiums and their fatcat owners got fatter. Is this more than coincidence?

The Red Sox took 86 years to win the World Series in 2004. The Dallas Mavericks were invited into the NBA in 1980 and just recently won their first Championship in 2011. The Canucks, who looked poised to take Lord Stanley’s mug after jumping to a two game lead, took 40 years to get to within one win of their I first Stanley Cup, only to lose to Boston in 2011. One may as well include the hapless Maple Laughs too.

Could there be a secret false economy only benefiting already rich owners? Could there be a conspiracy of losing that has been conscientiously undertaken by the owners with buy-in from the NHLPA? Could Bettman’s new hockey order of continued expansion to non-hockey markets, adding more player jobs whilst diluting the pro hockey talent pool, intentionally develop losing records, makes sense?

It is curious that losing can be so rewarding, if only to a select few NHL owners.

Or, could it be that hockey fans are just that passionate and sell-outs are no longer a by-product of winning?

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