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How To Rank A Website: Understanding Search Engines
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So you have just put together a great new page on your website. You are all excited and can’t wait to have your visitors see it, but there is one problem. How do you get your new site to show up in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the other major search engines? To answer that question first you have to understand what the search engines look for in determining how to rank a website.

There are a number of factors the biggest being.

1. The age of your site

2. The keyword density

3. Backlinks

If you were to order these in terms of importance it would start with backlinks then keyword density and finally the age of your site.

Let us start with the keyword density. In order for your site to show up in search results you have to have the keyword, or simply the word or phrase you want your site to show up for in search listings, be mentioned a certain number of times.

Now let’s say you created a website about dog grooming. I am selling a dog grooming kit and my keyword, again the word I want my site to show for in search results, is “Dog Grooming Kit”. You would need to mention the phrase “Dog Grooming Kit” a certain number of times.

It is best to have your keyword appear at least 1% throughout the page. So if you have a one thousand word page describing the benefits and features of your dog grooming kit you would want to include your keyword at least 10 times, which is 1% of 1,000.

The age of the site is of little importance in the grand scheme of things. Keyword density and backlinks are what will make or break your site in its ability to rank highly. However, the age of your site simply means that Google and others will look at how old the site is and give some value to a site that is older than a newer one. So if you have two sites with virtually the same content on them search engines may rank the oldest site higher because it feels it has more authority since it has been around longer.

Now the most important thing you can do in learning how to rank a website is understanding backlinks. A backlink is simply a vote for your website. How it works is another website has a link on its site that goes to your website. It sounds simple and it is, but there are a few more intricacies to understand regarding backlinks.

To help your website rank easily you don’t want your backlinks to be ordinary links such as: Rather you would want it to look like this: Dog Grooming Kit (underlined).

Remember the two biggest and most important components are keyword density and backlinks. Think back to our example website. It has at least 1% keyword density for “Dog Grooming Kit”. So when your backlinks have your keyword highlighted Dog Grooming Kit and the link is sending people back to your website which is devoted to dog grooming search engines find this extremely relevant and important. Therefore you will rank a lot higher more quickly and easily with a backlinks like Dog Grooming Kit as opposed to a generic web address of

Eventually when you obtain enough backlinks, with your keyword as the anchor text, you will surpass the number of backlinks other competing sites have and YOUR site will appear on the first page. In short by having more relevant backlinks than your competing sites, on the first page of search results, you will eventually overtake them and be listed above theirs.

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Great info James are are so wright thanks Gary

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