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Injured Canuck's Return To Make A Difference?
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Injured Canuck\'s Return to Make A Difference?

The Vancouver Canucks find themselves on the brink of elimination in their next game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Los Angeles Kings are on the verge of stunning the President’s Trophy winners in a first round upset.

Even though Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault stated before the playoffs that every team in the West was capable of winning the conference, no one tabbed the eight-places Kings to get by the first-place Canucks.

Vancouver airwaves on sports talk radio have been clogged with all those delusional Vancouver fans calling for heads to roll. Many are again mud slinging the goaltenders, yes, even the popular back up Cory Schneider is now the target of overly emotional and non-sensical ‘fan’ bashing.

This despite the fact that both Roberto Luongo and Schneider have been the most consistently decent performing players on the entire roster. But, Canuck fans rarely let reason and objectivity get in the way of a mindless rant.

Many are questioning where blame should be placed ahead of the pivotal Game 4 outing. Some are suggesting it’s the coaching staff that has not made the appropriate adjustments. Many say it’s the player’s fault for the debacle that’s occurred on the ice. Still others suggest it’s the referees, injuries, and a combination of all these factors.

One thing is certain, there are plenty of story lines that will follow if the Canucks bow out in the first round.

What will Luongo do if he doesn’t get the tap for Game 4 and Schneider does? Does Luongo waive his no trade clause, feeling slighted at the snub? Do the Canucks try and hold on to Schneider for one more year, for one last kick at the can before the core of the Canucks gets blown up? Will Vigneault and his staff get axed?

Before these, and more questions no doubt to come, can be answered, there is still the small matter of a Game 4 yet to be played.

And with recent news of a return of injured star Daniel Sedin to the Canuck team in Los Angeles, there is some reason for cautious optimism. Many believe that the prospect of Daniel returning to the lineup is simply a way to motivate his floundering teammates. Many do not believe he will play. If Daniel does play, many are worried he is being rushed back, jeopardizing his health unnecessarily just for a hockey game.

Whatever happens, the jury is still out on whether the return of a star can make the Canucks shine.

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