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Nhl’s Shanahan Strong Message: Wanted - Skilled Trade Jobs - Fighters!
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Nhl’s Shanahan Strong Message: Wanted  -  Skilled Trade Jobs  -  Fighters!

In a previous article, I called upon the NHL’s Top disciplinary man - and I’m using a small ‘d’ on purpose - to get tougher on his punishments before the playoffs began to avoid serious injury to players.

Apparently, Shanahan is just like his predecessor, the incompetent, and easily compromised, Colin Campbell and this is going to mean continuing battery of some of the game’s best players.

Could it be that checking his ego at the door of league headquarters just might entail some objective and profound notion of right and wrong seeping into Shannie’s noggin? Or will he, like his predecessor, think more of his own paycheque than the personnel he is charged to protect, and the pugilists and thugs he is supposed to thwart with punishment?

The ongoing thuggery and disrespect in recent playoff matches have been nothing short of hypocrisy when placed against the backdrop of so-called league concern over head shots. Intentionally vicious and premeditated and targeted head shots have been given miniscule fines while leaving victims, some of them the game’s brightest stars, literally dazed and confused with head traumas.

The NHL, to which I now refer to as the ‘National Hooligans League’, is now the official laughing stock of pro sports circles. Never has the idiom, “I went to a boxing match the other night and a hockey game broke out”, been more apropos. Indeed, an idiom for the worst idiot of them all, Mr. Shanahan.

Some have said it’s a tough job, in reference to Shanahan’s role as NHL disciplinarian. Why is it so tough? Is it tough Mr. Shanahan to bend over to... tie Gary Bettman’s shoe laces? Is it tough to bend over to... pick up the owner’s bars of gold for them? Is it really that tough Mr. Shanahan to... continue to cowtow to General Managers who you appear to share sheets with?

Are you waiting for a player to suffer a fatal brain injury on the ice to do more than wrist slaps? Or, has putting on a suit 3 or 4 days of the week given you that sense of power you never fully attain as a player? Surely, you can’t be letting the easy paycheques soften your tough veneer?

Just because you introduced slick videos to explain your reasons behind a punishment, does not make your process any more transparent than your predecessor's.

There’s the real rub for me. I thought you’d be better than Campbell. Nope, just another suited NHL wonk who’s happy to see that U.S. tv hockey viewership has risen fifty percent because of all the fighting. Good Job, a Good Snow Job!

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