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Small Business Website Promotion - 5 Critical Questions
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Small business website promotion seems to slip through the minds of small business owners. What possible benefit could there be for having your little business, lets say a carpentry business or a house cleaning business listed with the search engines? Why would you need a website, especially if you live in a rural area or small town?

Here are the keys to the kingdom: This is the age of information and your little business needs to get in on the action before your competitors do.

Visitors to my sites and students bombard me with questions regarding small business website promotion. The following 5 are the most common..

Q. Why do I need small business website promotion?

A. You may think that people don't look on the internet to find your kind of business. Almost everyone nowadays looks to the net for information of all sorts. The yellow pages aren't cutting it anymore, if they ever did. Few small businesses bother with a small business website promotion campaign. They are missing out on a lot of business.

Now, with the search engine algorithms all having locater code, your little enterprise can suddenly pop up on people's screens. Lets look at the carpentry example above. You might think that everyone knows about you and your work. Don't take the chance of missing out on lots of business. Don't leave any money on the table.

As part of your small business website promotion, you can put pictures of homes you've built, a picture of your family, get people to sign up for your newsletter which burns your business name into their brain and so on. Many people do enter a Google search for the smallest purchases. If they entered a search term for carpentry in your area, your site would come up with even a little map showing where you are. This will put a whole lot of magic into your wallet from your small business website promotion!

There are many ways of leveraging a small business website to increase your business many times over. Don't sell this process short.

Q. What should a small business website package include?

A. There is more to building a good website than just putting down your phone number. You need to have the tools to:

  • Do proper keyword searches.
  • Good, reliable and inexpensive web hosting.
  • Protection of your domain name.
  • Understand how the internet works and how to incorporate your small business website promotion into it for the best results.
  • Know if Pay-Per-Click is for you and your small business.
  • Build a properly seo'd site page.
  • Be able to change items on your page easily.
  • Accept autoresponder code.

One thing I leave for a separate item here is to watch any contracts you might be signing with any web developers if you are afraid of trying this. Frequently, after you've paid them a great deal of money and you are not getting any traffic, you decide to get rid of them only to find out that they have a copyright on all the work they did on your site. You are no longer master of your ship so be careful.

Finding a good small business website package is not hard to do and all this web stuff does not require rocket science. The package that I use for my sites costs me about the price of a cup of coffee a day and it has more features than I know what to do with. Relax, you can do this.

Q. What about small business website prices?

A. It all depends on what you mean by a website. Are you talking just about a place to park the code you bought somewhere else or a place that has everything, including the hosting and so forth?

Beware of the cheap web hosting places. It sure is attractive to see the ads saying unlimited bandwidth for just a few dollars a month. You get no help from these people in building your site and certainly no assistance when it comes to search engine optimization. What you'll end up with is a one page site with an ugly banner sign on top telling the world about their latest special.

To get rid of that will cost some more dollars every month and the litany of woes goes on from there. In the unlikely even that you get traffic, they will start to bill you for extra bandwidth. If you want to move to another web hosting service, it's really hard because the coding is frequently different. Your small business website promotion suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Some places even have free pages like Squidoo and Hubpages for your small business website promotion, but you get what you pay for. There is no substitute for a small business with a good website listed with the search engines with a high SERP rating.

It will generate lots of targeted traffic to your business and you remain the captain of your ship. Just don't let the technical terms scare you. You can do this!

Q. What is a small business website platform and do I need one?

A. A small business website platform is a software suite that you use to build the type of site that you want. Some of the things in the suite you might not need like Pay-Per-Lead software, but a good platform will at least give you the option of doing it or allowing third party software to be integrated into your site.

A good platform will:

  • Make it easy to upload graphics and other software like shopping cart and point of sale programs.
  • Make it easy to make any changes you want.
  • Have easy to use programs to help you zero in on the keywords that will get you a high ranking with the search engines and thus bring a surge of traffic to your site.
  • Have a large library to help you learn all about the internet, what your site should have and how to bring in tons of free prospects to your site, no matter where you are located!

Q. What is a small business website portfolio?

For most businesses it means having a choice of looks for your site. It will show you the different headers and footers you can get. A good one will show you how your own images and so forth can be integrated into your site.

A complete small business website portfolio will also include a number of options regarding such things as:

  1. Can you embed videos in your site?
  2. Can you cross link from page to page easily?
  3. Can you add moving banners for your advertising?
  4. There are many more possibles. Go see your favorite sites and make a wish list. Your site should be able to do the same things.

It's like going to a bridal shop. They will show you catalogues of dresses and tuxes and so forth. The bride here is your website and you are the nervous groom. You want it to be right. For this to happen, you have to be informed and educated in the ways of the net.

There are many newsletters that you can subscribe to which will be the best source of web education for you. They are free and a gold mine of information.

By the way, small business website promotion can be fun and very profitable. Try not to get too intimidated by the terms.

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