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What Is Your Online Goal?
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What is Your Online Goal?

Many of us have had visions of owning our own successful website and will look with envy at those who do. Have you ever wondered how they got there? They set goals, even for their online business. Wandering aimlessly around the internet will not get you the traffic you need, let alone the conversions.

Have a vision and purpose

Don’t ignore this very important element to your site. You need to know what you want to say and know where you’re going with it. This will save you during those times when you may become frustrated and lost. Look to your vision and write with a purpose.

Build a solid site framework

By this I mean, pre-plan your menus and your pages so that they will “hold” many posts and help you organize your information. You want your visitors to find the information they are looking for with ease. Frustrate them and you will lose them.

Posts per week

How many posts can you write and get up on your website? Some may take longer than others because of the research required and then organizing the information into something unique and informative. Of note, you need to be careful not to do a “copy and paste” or that could be seen as duplicate content with the original owner of the information getting the credit. If you quote a source, reference it. This includes if it’s a picture.

Get involved with your niche

Whether you’re writing about travels, retirees, or your family, you want to connect with other sites and their owners that are writing about what you are. Not necessarily the exact niche but at least the broader theme of your niche.

Interact with them. Talk and share your stories and pass one another’s posts on to others. This is how you can build your own following and how you can contribute relevant content to others. Note, do not spam these sites or you will get yourself quickly banned. Always check on the “rules” of each site and stay within those.

Ads or affiliate programs

If you decide to monetize your site, make sure you spend the time and do your due diligence when you are checking out various ways to advertise. Whichever product or affiliate program you choose, it should be relevant to your site and to the vision and purpose of your site.

And don’t make your site a wild buffet of items in the hopes that someone will buy something. Be very focused on what your site is about and what you will be selling. This will attract repeat buyers while making your site and information a place to be trusted.

Finally…keep your passion!

Too often new website owners quit if they’re not an overnight sensation or don’t see huge sales in their first, second or even third months. Remember, you are building a business and it will take patience and perseverance. And guess what…that’s quality, too!

Define your online goal, know what you will write and sell, and you will be successful if you give it time and have the resources to support you to learn and grow from.

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