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3 Natural Acne Curing Balms That Work
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3 Natural Acne Curing Balms That Work

Use these three natural acne treatments for clean, clear, naturally soft and youthful skin.

Water Treatment Therapy

Probably first and foremost in proper skin care is the use of water. Most of the people on earth are dehydrated and do not even know it. The skin requires water and a lot of it to do its job properly. Water is vital to the well being of beast and man alike. Without it both will die within a few days.

Even science says water is vital to having and keeping soft, youthful skin.

Under a microscope dehydrated cells look like prunes than like plump grapes, as they are suppose to.

The skin needs water to carry nourishment to the cells and to carry toxins away from it. When the skin gets dry it begins to secrete more oil to keep it most and fight the affects of dryness caused by the sun and wind.

It is typical for a person to aspirate (breath out) about two quarts of water a day. This does not count what is lost through sweating naturally or from exercising. How than can body not want to ingest at least eight glasses of water daily? It is not only good advice to drink eight glasses of water a day it is almost an absolute necessity for good general health to say nothing of life.

Washing the skin is another good form of hydration.

In the end, keeping the body hydrated is a must for good health and proper skin care. For healthier and clearer looking skin drink lots of pure water. Water filled with chemicals such as chlorine are counter productive and should avoided. Get a good filtration system and use it daily.

Vitamin B3 Treatment

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin is necessary for clear unblemished skin. Niacin will improve circulation which carries nutrients to the cells and toxins away to be eliminated through the natural elimination of body waste.

The skin's condition is simply a reflection of the bodies condition in general. When the body is need of proper nutrition it will often show up as acne. When the body is low on Niacin or Vitamin B3 it may show up as a case of acne. It is recommended to take a daily dose of Niacin of 200 mg three times a day for a natural acne cure.

It is no fluke science recommends the eating of fresh fruits and veggies for a natural source of vitamins and minerals for a body and clear skin. Statistics say less then ten percent of the populous eat their recommended daily veggies.

Natural Green Tea Treatment

Natural green tea is one of the very best acne treatments available. Not only is it providing beneficial nutrients to the skin it is also providing that all important hydration mentioned before.

Green tea is a great anti oxidant. Free radicals are known to be destructive to our health and damaging to cells and tissues. Green tea fights these free radicals and helps to keep them in balance.

Scientific studies have shown green tea to be affective in;

fighting bacteria;

reducing swelling;

lessening hormone activity; and

killing staphylococcus aurous, the acne causing bacteria

Using these three treatments daily will help to clean up your skin and get rid of acne.

If you will combine these treatments with getting away from sugar and processed foods and alcohol and fast food joints you will see a dramatic improvement in not only your health and the way your skin looks, but how your feel, with an in energy to boot.

Now there is a deal you cannot beat with a stick.

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