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Acne Cure Treatments
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Acne Cure Treatments


Acne, a very annoying problem for friends I’ve had and it’s a fact that to rid you of these annoying sores is their desire as soon as humanly possible. Also, there appears to be as many claims to cure acne as there are humans, sometimes persons with this problem have to try solutions to see if they work for them. Not only one acne treatment is successful for everyone. So acne research and testimonials from acne sufferers’ who no longer have the problem is an approach I’d recommend.

Causes of Acne

The general concept of what causes acne seems to be the onset of puberty. Rising hormones result as the human body ages and the maturing of this body naturally occurs. All human beings are susceptible to this problem, even though all do not experience acne as they mature. I’ve read that acne is a disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. What are sebaceous glands anyway? When these glands become clogged, the result is normally pimples and cysts. Since I’m assuming that we all have sebaceous glands over our entire body, everyone could have an acne problem. Acne being caused by the beginning of puberty, it also is often inherited.

Types & Location of Acne on the Body

The most common location of acne sores on the body are the face, chest, upper back, shoulders, and neck. This is because the sebaceous glands are most prevalent in these locations. Sebum (definition-- The semifluid secretion of the sebaceous glands, consisting chiefly of fat, keratin, and cellular material.) travels by way of the hair follicles to the skin surface and when this is blocked, acne is the result. The normal types of acne are: Blackheads; Whiteheads; Pus-filled lesions that may be painful; and Nodules which are solid raised bumps.

Facial Acne

Facial acne is not only a physical condition but can be a self-worth psychological feeling. When one with facial acne sees themselves in the mirror they may well be suffering from the painful sores but wonder how others view them in their daily activities. In other words, when the high school student attends school, they might think others are repulsed from their appearance. Friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, are very important to the teenager as they mature and want to be liked by them. The adult is also affected by the concept or idea that they are looked down upon due to their appearance. Some of these ideas may well be true. I hope not for the acne patient’s mental well-being, etc.

Back, Chest, and Shoulder Acne

The person who has painful sores on either or all of their back, chest, and shoulders does not have to endure the embarrassment that the patient who has facial acne does but is just as desirous of finding a cure. As long as the acne sufferer has something on that covers these areas, they do not have to wonder if people are talking negatively about their appearance. That is a plus but the cure for this condition is still the principal desire of the person who has an outbreak of acne.

Acne Remedies

The remedies to cure or alleviate acne are many. Doctors, in my opinion, do not know how to treat this problem for everyone. Educated guesswork is then the result. Prescriptions are written for the patient who is desperate for help and the medical doctor just attempts to lessen the acne sores and resulting irritation. This is admirable, but the acne patient desires a cure, not just a temporary relief.

Acne Treatments

Due to the high number of acne affected people, I can confidently propose that they do not want a temporary mask of the problem but a cure. I know that some acne treatments definitely work for some people. So when I read or hear of testimonials that claim a cure for acne problems, I’m all ears so to speak. I know that some acne solutions definitely work for some people and therefore I’m willing to try one or several for treatments that relieve acne. Hopefully, the testimonials are true and not just a fictional story to sell something. Good luck in your search for a painful skin sore relief.

Street Talk

hi. my i have been suffering with acne for 26years iand i use many types of treatment and notting really happen my face is just the same way i even use the procativeand notting happen i wish dat i can get the treatment that u use so i will see my beaut in my face so i am asking u if u can send me the treatment i will be so glad if u can help me i wii be so gratefull .thank u

  about 9 years ago
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