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Acne Home Remedies
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Acne Home Remedies

Have you ever been guilty of judging a book by it's cover? That is to discredit without investigation? Are you guilty of judging acne home remedies as worthless or worse without doing your do diligence to see if there is merit to the claims?

It is not your fault. Big pharma has been promoting mind control techniques for years and years. There is no money in natural remedies so why promote them?

The new chemical solution arena is new. For centuries or millenia folks have had to rely on natural remedies or do without. We are blasted every day with all kinds of pills and potions and creams and lotions from big pharma we do not even think of anything natural to heal our bodies.

However, there are some natural remedies for nearly every malady you could suffer from. And they are healers, not some crazy chemical that can cause you more harm than the thing you suffer from.

Have you ever really listened to those TV commercials? They spend half the time or more listing all the side affects of their miracle cure that you could suffer from. Now if that is not enough warning to stay away I don't know what is.

Natural home remedies have no side effects. And they are way cheaper than or cost nothing compared to those prescription drugs you may be buying. It only makes common sense to go natural home remedies to cure acne.

There has never been a reported case of anyone dying when using natural cures. But a quick Google will reveal several hundred have died this year alone from big pharma meds.

While you are Googling to see how many died using big pharma drugs, take a look-see to see how many acne related treatments there are out there.

Fresh lemon juice and aloe-vera juices are readily available around the house. A concoction of fresh chamomile tea, calendula flowers, basil oil and tea tree oil make for incredible acne home remedies. They are efficient when used every day.

Most folks depend on commercial moisturizers and they contain drying agents and all kinds of preservatives, coloring, fragrances and all sorts of things no one can pronounce that are all absorbed right into the body causing more havoc than what you are trying to cure.

A couple of great moisturizers might include the likes of extra virgin olive oil or emu oil. At first glance these oils may appear messy, but the skin will quickly absorb them and they are good for the body as well. They will quickly add moisture to dry skin, healing the damaged skin.

Try this concoction of lemon juice and honey and propolis. Add ten drops of propolis to a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of fresh squeezed lemon juice. Mix the ingredients together well and apply to the face. Let the combo work for about fifteen minutes then wash the face with warm water and pat dry. Wash the face good before applying.

One of the very best acne home remedies available and is completely free is water. Keeping the body properly hydrated is one of the best skin treatments you can give yourself. Drink at least two quarts of water daily and better yet, drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Diet is not directly related to acne, but it a contributing factor. When the body has become so polluted with toxins it needs to find away to purge itself. When those toxins cannot be eliminated in the normal waste cycles the body tries to dump then through the skin. And that is when blemishes start to appear in the form of zits and pimples.

Having a proper diet of nutritious fruits and veggies and eliminating toxic inducing substances like sugar, white flour products, alcohol, caffeine and other toxic substances, like those big pharma drugs will help to keep any outbreaks of acne to a minimum or stop them from happening at all.

Finding a natural acne remedy can be as close as your pantry or refrigerator. Take control of your intake and using these natural acne cures and watch your skin become clean and soft and beautiful again. It is your key to sound health.

Street Talk

Lemon and aloe vera are just amazing in the fight against acne. I got rid of my horrible acne with the help of aloe vera. It is true that it took quite a while, but now my complexion is almost perfect. However, people suffering from acne should also pay attention to the food they eat!

  about 1 decade ago

some nice research went into this article it seems. I have found similar facts about diet and exercise and how they relate with skin conditions. keep at it people need to know that an expensive over the counter topical can be damaging to the skin over time.

  about 1 decade ago
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