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Beautiful Legs Require Work In Philadelphia
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When the weather permits it, exchanging long pants for bare legs is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, exposing our legs is only a pleasurable experience if we feel good about how our legs look. While some people in Philadelphia are blessed with flawless limbs, most of us could use some improvement to help us feel more comfortable when wearing shorts. Here are some quick and easy strategies to help portray sleek and firm legs for the summer season:

Get Silkier Legs

Dry skin usually means the skin is unhealthy. Well-hydrated skin offers a strong barrier against environmental pressures. Properly moisturized skin also makes the legs look prettier and smoother. Here are some tips to fight flakiness and drying:

Choose the right moisturizer. During summer, the skin is naturally hydrated by the extra moisture in the air, so you can retire rich creams and opt for lighter formulas instead. Lotions are a better option because they contain more water and less oil then creams. Apply lotion while your body is still damp.

Do a serious scrub. Unless you do some exfoliation, the best moisturizer cannot do its job. Exfoliation will strip away those flakes on the top layer of skin so fresh cells can come to the surface.

Soften in the shower. Use today’s newest body wash, exfoliating scrubs and cream oils. They usually contain a mix of petrolatum, glycerin and oils that cleanse and soften all at once.

Fake Fabulous Legs

Miracles might not come in jars, but a tube of self-tanner is pretty close. Aside from banishing a wintery-pallor look, a tanner will even out the tone, hide imperfections, and make everything look better. Thanks to today’s new formulations, applying a self-tanner has become easier than ever.

Try a tinted version. Slightly bronzed formulas will make it easy to see where you have already applied the tanner, as well as those spots that you missed.

• Drier areas of the body such as the feet, ankles and knees have a tendency to absorb extra product, thereby creating dark spots, so smooth on a regular moisturizer before tanning. This will lessen the amount of tanner that is being absorbed.

Tan gradually. If you are nervous about using self-tanners, tanner-lotion hybrids with low doses of color can offer a safer option. Usually coming with a moisturizer, they are harder to make a mistake on. You will see a subtle difference just a few hours after applying it, and the color will increase every time you slather it on.

Mask Your Veins

Unsightly spider and varicose veins can create unwelcomed blemishes on the legs. Here are a few ways to minimize their look and help prevent new ones from developing:

Stretch. If you are stuck in line, stand on the balls of your feet and contract your calves to keep blood moving. Also, do not cross your legs since it cuts out blood circulation.

Pop a baby aspirin. Aspirin will thin blood and improve its flow, taking the stress off the veins. Take one dose per day.

Cover up with makeup. The right heavy-duty concealer can do a good job of disguising spider veins. Look for a long-wearing, water-resistant formula.

Carefully consider creams. Do not expect over-the-counter spider vein treatments and cellulite treatment to fully erase veins. Only medical treatments can produce dramatic results.

If you are looking for permanent solutions, consult your doctor about in-office treatments like Tri Active Laser therapy and sclerotherapy. These should give you the quick results that you are looking for.

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