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Body Fat Acceptance Is The First Stage To Remove Cellulite
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Body Fat Acceptance is the First Stage to Remove Cellulite

There’s many a method you can use to reduce cellulite, but none that work to remove it. The only true way to remove cellulite completely is by firstly accepting that it is a part of you.

We all have body fat. It’s natural.

It doesn't mean that we're fat though.

That’s the key to obliterating cellulite.

  • Skinny people have it
  • Obese people have it
  • Guys have it too

It’s just that it’s more commonly seen in women.

That’s only because of the gene and gender differences in how our bodies store fat.

Nothing more and it’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Body fat is natural in all of us. The foods we eat need to have some sort of fat in it. It’s healthy and necessary to eat fat. You only need to moderate how much you eat. It’s part of a healthy balanced diet that contributes to you consuming enough fat that you can burn off through exercise.

By accepting first that you need to have some percentage of body fat, you can then move on and figure out the best exercise routines that help you to burn off whatever calories you need.

That’s where things begin to get interesting.

The exercise you do starts to remove the appearance of cellulite naturally. That’s because you’re strengthening your muscles. Particularly the muscles that become underused. You need to activate them more, and work on strengthening them.

The nature of your muscles is that they will begin to naturally burn the calories for you. The more strength you have in each of your muscle groups, the better your body can burn off excess fat.

Beginning to maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Once you can do that, your exercise routine will shift from fat burning to body toning.

This is because you're building on muscles to burn the fat for you. Your body starts to work for you, and you don’t need as much effort in your workout routines.

Exercise becomes fun! Despite what you may believe…that is possible.

In fact, it could be as simple as playing a Wii game, such as the Hula on the Wii balance board. That will work by swaying your hips, and even that can strengthen your inner thigh muscles.

The stronger the muscles are on your thighs, the more fat can be burned around that area.

That will result in less fat stored in one of the most complained areas that women have trouble with.

The fat starts to burn off naturally, and then you can focus on getting some muscle toning workouts done. These are what contract your muscles, bringing the slim, tender, and smooth looking skin to your body.

It’s that that makes it possible to ditch your self-esteem issues of what you're wearing and finally be able to wear whatever you want, without having a complexion about what people think.

You'll know they’ll be envious because you're going to be among the 5% of women who know how to help your body to burn fat for you, while you work your body to tone the muscle groups.

You'll effectively separate yourself from the 95% of women navigating the misdirected myths about cellulite.

It all starts with exercise in combination with body toning workouts. The more focused the workouts you do, the better a look you'll get.

It’s a two way street, where you give your body what it needs, and your body starts to work for you the look you've always wanted.

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Anna Ware  

Exercise and a good diet is the key. Thank you for a really good article

  about 9 years ago
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