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Chase Away Wrinkles Today
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Chase Away Wrinkles Today

Wrinkles are the tiny lines that develop around the outer corners of the eyes or under, on our foreheads and neck region. They tend to appear much earlier in female compared to men. Factors that cause wrinkles are:

  • Aging - People grow older as time goes. It is a stage that every single being must undergo in life at one time.When you are aging, the wrinkles show up and normally smaller at the early stage. They later enlarge and deepen to permanent ones after a certain period.
  • Exposure to sunlight - The sun is known to have the Ultra-Violet rays which are pretty harmful to our skins.The melanin in our skins protect us from such rays but for the albinos it is a disadvantage to them. The light from the sun damages the collagen found in our skins making it loose and sagged.
  • Other causes are squinting and skin tension. When skin stretches and contracts randomly it becomes weak. It is impossible to control it completely for our bodies keep maturing and always get exposed to diverse conditions.

Since many of us would love to keep the youthful skin intact, we seek ways to banish the wrinkles. Surgery is one of them. Plastic surgery corrects or restore the form and functioning of the skin. This practice is expensive as it needs maintenance to avoid distortion.

Use of creams is widely practiced as it is cheaper and readily available in the market. These are cosmetics and they work differently depending on the type of skin. We do not to use them and instead take drugs or medicated creams. Scientifically it has been proven that they contain some harmful and toxic components. To protect yourself from the sun, wear sunglasses, hats or use an umbrella to cover your body.

There are those who prefer being injected with an anti-wrinkles serum to boost their skin appearance. This is more medically and advisable. Creams can help promote healthy skin regeneration though some have potential risks such as:

  • Irritation
  • Skin cancer
  • Loss of melanin
  • Acne breakouts
  • Swelling
  • Reddening of skin
  • Black spots

These are side effects that are extreme because skins are delicate and sensitive. When using the creams, test them on a small area for example on your thigh. If there is no reaction with your skin that is adverse, then apply it on the part intended. It is absolutely excellent to chase away wrinkles to enable us remain attractive and looking good. Caring for your skin adds value and self-esteem to your life.

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