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Discover 5 Ways To Easily Get Rid Acne Fast And Naturally
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Discover 5 Ways to Easily Get Rid Acne Fast And Naturally

Discovering these 5 ways to get rid acne fast and naturally by using simple home remedies. Everyone who has problems with acne is looking for an easy and simple solution. People in general want to have flawless skin, so by looking through your bathroom or kitchen cupboards you will find these home products that can be used in dealing with acne problems.

* Lemon Juice is a great one to start with. Simply cut your lemon in half and rub very gently, with the cut side of the lemon, directly onto your pimples. If it stings, it is working because lemons contain a citric acid that will attack the bacteria that causes acne.

* Tea Tree Oil is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial remedy. It is a herb that is great to use on mild to moderate acne. Tea tree oil is very effective in minimizing pimples and it also fights against the acne.

* Alum is a spice you can find in any grocery story. It has a potassium base. People know it as used in deodorants as a natural ingredient. Alum is a natural astringent and antiseptic which helps in shrinking the skin tissue. Buying it in a block form instead of a powder is a good way to go, because the powder form is very abrasive. Just gently rub the alum onto your pimples or acne and be careful not to irritate your acne.

* Toothpaste, Yes I said "toothpaste". This is a good item to use on a single pimple, for overnight. Toothpaste contains silica which is something you will find in some products like beef jerky, it helps to keep moisture out. Silica will help in drying out and reduce the size of your pimple overnight.

Using a natural toothpaste that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate is good because it contains a very harsh chemical. You might want to avoid using those brand name toothpastes for that reason.

* Baking Soda is excellent to use. Mix equal parts of water and baking soda until it forms a paste and then just simply apply that paste onto each pimple. Do not cover your whole face with this paste. Using a Q-Tip is a good way to apply that paste. Leave this on your pimples for at least 10 minutes or until dry. Using cold water, wash off the dried paste. This will actually help in closing up the pores. You can repeat this twice a day. If your skin becomes too oily or irritated then you should not use it anymore.

I hope these 5 different treatments were helpful in how to get rid acne on your face. There are more treatments available, I only touched on a few.

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