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Discover How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast
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Discover How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast

What would you do to get rid of acne?

If you suffer from acne you probably would do just about anything to get rid of it. But, what are the causes and how do you get rid of acne?

Most folks do not know what causes acne so they cannot get rid of it. Just remember it is not your fault you don't know how to prevent acne. Even most doctors do not know or at least they are not telling.

For most folks acne is not long lasting. There are only a few who get stuck with it into their adult years. But for those with serious outbreaks it can be pretty devastating emotionally and it can seem like forever before that horrid stage is out grown.

Acne does not have to be a burden or a problem in your life. With a few modifications to your lifestyle, most of the problems associated with acne can be prevented and you can get rid of acne for good.

There are all kinds of over the counter remedies available to cure acne. Some of these remedies work for a short while and then the problem reappears. And then there is the dermatologist route. He will prescribe some kind of high priced prescription that also may work for a while. In the end you can spend many hundreds of dollars on acne cures, all to no avail.

These commercial remedies are usually not long lasting because the root of the problem is not being treated. These remedies only try to solve the obvious problem, not cure the cause of the problem. It is like putting air in a low tire with a hole in it. Putting air in will fix the obvious problem of a low tire, but it will not fix the hole which is the real cause of the low tire/problem.

In most cases of acne the real problem is the lifestyle the sufferer has chosen to live. Acne did not and does not appear overnight and it does not come from eating chocolate.

Some things that may be a quick help temporarily is to;

  • apply a natural astringent, like Witch Hazel, to the affected area
  • eliminate stress from your life
  • using a skin scrub on the affected area

For long term solution for acne relief is to change the lifestyle.

The real cause of most acne cases is caused by a body that is filled full of toxins. The body is unable to eliminate the toxins fast enough through the normal elimination process so it has to resort to eliminating them through the skin.

This causes an excess of oil and other unnatural build ups to occur plugging the skin pores therefore resulting in what is called acne or zits or pimples.

The body needs a rest. It needs to clean out the toxins. It needs to be cleansed from the years abuse that has been heaped upon it. All the creams, and potions and wipes in the world will not do that. It takes a measure of a few things.

First the sufferer needs to understand there is a problem and then know it can be corrected. Then make the changes necessary to correct the problem. And sticking with it. In the end, the sufferer is the responsible for getting and getting rid of acne.

Natural solutions for helping to get rid of acne can be as close as your kitchen or your garden, or surely the local grocery store. Eating foods rich in nutrients and vitamins will help to get rid of acne. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help to cleanse the body of the toxic build up so the body can heal itself.

That does not mean sugar, or oils or fats and all the so-called good things that seem so good have to be forever given up. It does mean moderation in all things, and that is how to get rid of acne.

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