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Dry Skin Care Tips
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Dry skin is extremely annoying. It can itch, cause painful, chapped lips or appear as dry patches in various areas of your body such as your face, arms, elbows and hands. Although it can occur anytime of year, it is most common in the winter when the air is dry inside and the cold wind is blowing outside. Yes, there are plenty of lotions and creams available in the department stores, but they can be costly. Some of the best treatments are natural--they are free and more effective.

Understanding the "Skinny of It

It is vital for you to have healthy, moist skin--skin that is intact as nature intended. It is your body's defense against infection. If your skin is dry and flaking or cracked open, it leaves you prey to all types of bacteria just waiting to invade your precious body.

Healthy skin has a natural layer of natural fatty substances to maintain moisture. However, when exposed to something in your environment--such as overexposure to sunlight, cold winter days or dry heat in your home--these substances are stripped away and dry skin is the result.

Reduce Exposure to Hot Water

Long, hot showers strips away the natural fatty substances that protects the moisture in your skin. One way to prevent dry skin from occurring, or to cure dry skin, is to take a shower or bath in lukewarm water. This may not sound appealing, however, it may be the cure you are looking for. Reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower or bath may also help.

Wash Your Body Carefully

First, choose your soap carefully. Bar soap is harsh and can very easily strip your body of the essential fatty substances it requires. Body washes are a better choice. As they will not leave your skin too dry but will help to retain its moisture



You should moisturize your skin after showering, especially if your skin feels tight. This is the ultimate sign of dry skin. If you are going to spend any money at all on a beauty product per se, let it be organic extra virgin coconut oil. You can find this in any health food store. Apply this to any and all areas of your body that is dry, and before long, the moisture will return.

Purchase a Humidifier

This is especially important during the winter when you have to have the heat on more frequently. If you use a wood stove, a humidifier is even more essential. It replaces th moisture in the air that the heat is taking away from you and your skin. Your skin needs 30 percent more humidity to stay moisturized in the winter, so sleep with the humidifier next to your bed.

You have plenty of options to prevent or cure dry skin. No matter how unsightly dry skin may be, consider the health side of things. Your goal should be maintaining the healthy layer of fatty substances to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Regardless of your goals, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to treat dry skin. Take advantage of them.

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