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Essential Fatty Acids Are Not Just For Our Bodies
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Fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 aren't just good for your body, they are great for keeping your skin healthy too.

The fatty acids or EFA's keep your skin healthy, permeable and moisture rich which helps nutrients get in and the toxins to come out. They also help to keep skin moisture rich for a healthy complexion.

EFA's are required to help keep the membrane of every cell of your body in tip top shape. The membranes control bodily functions such as finger tapping and blinking your eyes so ensuring good care of them is key to a healthy body. Omega 3's and 6's are required, in the right proportion, to ensure a better overall well-being of your body. As we cannot make these acids ourselves we must ingest them with foods such as oily fish or with supplements. If you are a vegetarian you can get your Omega 3 from nuts such as flax seeds and walnuts and you can obtain Omega 6 from avocado oil and mayonnaise.

After many years of research by a scientist called Yehuda in 1993 we now know the correct proportions required for essential fatty acids. The required amount is 4:1 - four parts Omega 6 to 1 part Omega 3.

When you’re low in EFA's the cell membranes don’t function effectively, this means the movement of toxins and nutrients across the cell membranes are compromised. A good way to see if you are low in EFA's is dry skin.

You need EFA's for hormones, your immune system, pain and inflammation and good gut function as well as good skin so they are truly "essential" for your body.

Here's a little experiment to see how fatty acids can change your wellbeing:

Take the correct ratio of 4:1 essential fatty acids for one month; you’ll probably need to take about 2 tablespoons per day to make the difference. Make sure that you find an omega 3 oil that is not rancid! There are one or two brands who test for rancidity before and after production and who also test for the presence of toxic metals. Fish oils can carry a lot of toxic metals so you must ensure that you check whether the supplements you buy are checked before and after they are made.

Top tip – you can apply oils direct to your skin, try a blend of sesame, walnut, apricot seed and hazelnut oil. Everything you put on your skin goes straight into your system and bypasses your liver. That’s why hormone and nicotine patches work!

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