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How To Deal With Oily Skin
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How to Deal With Oily Skin

There are various culprits for oily skin. Apparently, some skin specialists still do not agree which foods to blame (whether eating too much chocolates or French fries) that can bring acne or oily skin. And although there are a lot of possible causes, it is better to figure out what to do in case shiny spots on your face are getting unsightly. Look at the tips below:

Think of the lemon and kiwi magic. Add these two fruits to your grocery list. Studies revealed that they greatly contribute to achieve clearer skin.

Wash your face twice daily. This might be a simple tip but not to be neglected as this can help rid the dirt and dead skin accumulated on the skin.

Consider buying a gel-based cleanser. For an oily skin type, the ideal cleanser is the gel-based because it effectively eliminates the excess sebum on the skin.

Utilize a toner. Most women overlook the use of toner as they perceive it as another burden in their beauty regimen. However, a toner should always be applied to your skin for it effectively cleans up dirt and sebum which usually stay after the skin has been cleansed. Essentially, you may opt for a separate toner for your face and another one for your body.

Say “yes” to moisturizers. Although most people think that oily skin does not require moisturizing, a moisturizer actually helps in stopping the production of too much sebum and oil. However, moisturizing an oily skin should be done in a light manner since excessive moisture can just make your skin dilemma worse.

Check your diet. The best diet for someone who has an oily skin type should be composed of fruits, vegetables and other food items which are rich in fluids. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is also recommended for it helps to combat the negative effects that too much sebum can pose to your skin.

Don't forget to:

Purchase blotting tissues

Blotting tissues are very helpful in absorbing the excess oil on the skin especially around the facial area. These can also be an effective, handy and immediate remedy when too much oil is visible. Thus, there are brands that are enhanced with moisturizing agents, keeping the skin moisturized and soft after absorbing the excess oil.

Get the benefit of using sunscreen

Sunscreen is needed by any skin type as too much exposure from the sun can make your skin problem more complicated. Good thing, there are several sunscreen products which are marketed specifically for people with oily skin.

Evaluate the cause of your oily skin

It is best to identify the triggering factors for your skin woe. One of the possible causes is Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B2 deficiency. So, try eating whole grain foods.

Apply a safe Clay Mask

One mask per week may reduce the oil production and may eradicate the impurities of your skin as well. Another plus side of it is that clay masks are milder, rather than using other products that contain chemicals.

Take note that oily skin may give rise to more serious skin problems. So, it is better to consider the above-mentioned tips before it’s too late.

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