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How To Get Rid Of Back Acne
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How to Get Rid Of Back Acne

Back acne is not unique. It comes about or happens the same way facial acne does. The only difference is the intensity of back acne.

There can be quite a bit of pain discomfort associated with back acne. This should be obvious as to why. There is a lot more contact made on the back than on the face from the simple wearing of a shirt to more pressing contact such as sports uniforms and backpacks, etc.

The causes of are the same for both facial and back acne. Therefore the treatments are the same for both. It is possible folk with back acne fall for the rumor this is more serious therefore they need to consult a dermatologist for some kind of prescription magic potion to get rid of it. Not so. Regardless of what the rumors say, back acne can be treated just as effectively with natural acne cures as can the face.

So unless you are just into giving Big Pharma their due, keep your money in your pocket or give it to charity and get on with taking care of that acne problem the natural way.

How To Get Rid Of Back Acne...

All forms of acne are a result of a polluted body as a core cause. Cleaning up the cause will get rid of the symptom. Good nutrition is a must when it comes to getting rid of acne.

Eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and veggies is a must to begin with. This can be helped along with a selection of vitamins. The effects will not be obvious over night, but if kept up improvements will be seen in as little as few days to up to a few weeks. Vitamins and foods rich in Vitamin A, zinc, magnesium, potassium will be helpful in getting rid of back acne.

Over coming stress and eliminating it from your life will help to get rid of back acne. Applying natural moisturizers will also help. The skin needs to be kept hydrated and oils such as tea tree oil, emu oil, essential oil of lavender will help keep it hydrated.

Apply commercial type moisturizers will only compound the problem and will not hydrate the skin. Many of these moisturizers contain some form of drying agent like alcohol. This only cause the user to use more and more moisturizer and will also add pollutants to the body.

Tea Tree oil can be massaged straight on to the skin as can Lavender oil and emu oil. They will penetrate the skin and will heal the injuries and safeguard against dryness. Tea tree oil is a great healing oil and will help in fighting infections and scarring. The one draw back to this oil is it does have a strong odor affixed to it and may seem unpleasant to some users. However, would you rather have back acne or smell a wee bit funny for a short time?

Lavender oil will help the circulation to the infected area and is also a healer. If applied at night it will also help you to rest which another acne cure. Getting plenty of rest is mandatory to overcoming stress and healing the body. Lavender will detoxify the tissues underneath the outer skin, eliminating the toxins that trigger acne outbreaks. It is also an antiseptic fighting the bacteria known to be a cause of acne.

Emu oil is very soothing to the skin as well as being a great moisturizer. It is well known for its healing qualities on a number of skin ailments.

Aloe Vera also will sooth the skin and lesson irritation. It readily available in most health and beauty stores.

Last but certainly not least is drink a sufficient quantity of water. Drinking a minim of two quarts a day and up to as much as a gallon be the best acne treatment available. Water will hydrate the body and flush toxins and carry nutrients to the cells. Drinking has a wide range of health benefits. Drink filtered water of your own making. Do not drink tap water which is laden with all kinds of chemicals. And eliminate or avoid soda pop as much as possible as with all processed and sugary foods.

It is possible to treat and overcome back acne the natural way. Staying with a healthy lifestyle will cure acne permanently. Using these few simple suggestion for back acne can actually give a whole new look and feel to your skin.

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