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How To Remove Freckles
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How To Remove Freckles

Freckles are something that could make you embarrassed and annoyed, although they are harmless. Freckles are tiny, circular, flat and dark spots found on your face and bodies. They usually found on the face or any parts of the body exposed to the sun. There are many ways to get rid of the freckles, some works and some does not, depend on how dark is the color. Freckles can be triggered by exposure to sunlight.

Here are some tips on reducing or eliminating freckles :

  1. The most rapid but expensive way is laser freckle removal. This laser treatment could get pinpointed at even a very small spot causing small lesions to the skin.
  2. Bleaching and fading cream.You need to visit your dermatologist to get a cream that would be apt with your skin type to make sure it is safe. Do not take any creams that do not mention ingredient in detail. Read a review about it, make sure it had been for quite sometime in the market, check if there are any side-effect and pre-caution about it.
  3. Traditional Chinese Way to remove freckles is by massaging the point freckles distributed. The blood distribution might not run well there and a massage could be useful to unblocks the meridians, open the flow of Qi and blood circulation to whiten the freckles. This to be done in the right points advised by an expert Chinese masseur.

Home remedies to fade even to remove freckles :

  1. Put a little lemon juice on your finger and apply it on your freckles. It will bleached the spot.
  2. Smash up strawberry or apricots and use them as a mask on the spot of your freckles.
  3. Wash your face with a sour milk.
  4. Heat up some honey and apply it on your freckles, then wash your face with a cold water.
  5. Get one medium size cucumber, shred this and then mix it with a fresh lemon juice. Gently massage the mixture on to the freckles. Leave mixture on until it dries and then wash your skin.
  6. Squeeze a fresh cucumber and mix it with a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of lemon and a bit of parsley. Depending how dark is the freckles, you can see it gets lighter in 2 weeks to one month.

Whatever remedies you are taking, it is better to talk to your doctor first, to make sure that what you have is simply freckles, not any precancerous lesion that may resemble like freckles.

The important thing to prevent to growing of freckles is keep out of the sun that directly hit your face by wearing a hat, wear sunscreen or sunblock with UV 30+, avoid tanning beds and consistent on protecting your face and body from the direct sun.

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