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How To Restore The Balance Your Body Needs For Skin Care
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How To Restore The Balance Your Body Needs For Skin Care

Dealing with acne or other skin problems is something that we all have to go through from time to time in our life. There are many theories as to what causes acne however doctors are unsure of the exact reason some of us get acne and others do not. One such theory is that it could be related to hormonal changes that occur within our bodies.

The ironic thing is that even though they do not know the exact cause of acne they still prescribed medications that claim will solve or rid acne problems.

Naturalists however claim that acne and other skin problems is not necessarily the disease but rather it's the body telling us that there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected.

Yes our body is one amazing piece of machinery however in order to keep it functioning properly it needs to be kept in balance. And when our body does become unbalanced, acne is one sign that our body is imbalanced.

Some foods that are acidic in nature are various stimulants such as tobacco, tea, alcohol, and coffee. As well, physical activity that is both insufficient or excessive and stress can also cause an increase in the acidity within our bodies.

It also goes without saying that many sugary and simple carbohydrate foods are acid producing as well because they raise blood sugar levels to quickly and they do not contain any nutrients.

So what does too high of an acid content in your body produce? Some problems associated with high acidic levels are:

1 cardiovascular damage

2 weight gain, which can lead to diabetes and obesity

3 lack of energy and feeling fatigue

4 depression, anxiety and stress

5 increased stomach acids

6 dry skin and skin that is irritated

And the list goes on...

So how do we get rid of these problems and how to restore the balance in our body that we once had?

PH Balance

Our body needs pH balance. Our bodies either lean towards acidic or towards alkaline balances. Because diseases cannot grow or have a difficult time growing within an alkaline environment, this is how our bodies are made.

So how do you achieve a good balance within our bodies? One suggestion is by eating a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables and trying to avoid sugary drinks and processed foods this will go a long way towards keeping our balance healthy on the inside.

Other foods that are good for a alkaline diet would be beings, soy products, not such as almonds and legumes. Healthy whole grains such as millet and wild rice are a good substitute for pasta.

Other vegetables high in alkaline would be parsley, raw spinach, broccoli and garlic. Although meets are not alkaline in nature it is best to pick low acidic meats such as liver, oysters and organ meats.

By eating this way for about a week you will notice the difference in how your skin will look and feel.

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