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I’m Skinny But I Have Cellulite – What’s The Deal?
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I’m Skinny But I Have Cellulite – What’s the Deal?

That’s a question that burns on the mind of most women’s minds, when they spend their lives putting up with and searching for cellulite solutions. Trying to understand the conflicting information of why they’re bodies are displaying cellulite in the first place.

This information is going to be a blessing to the people that are in need of the real truth about the shape and the appearance of their bodies.

If you're like the other 95% of women, or even the small amount of men affected by cellulite, skin wrinkles, and dimples…you're probably like many others, wondering why you can be the perfect size, yet still have cellulite.

So here’s the real issue and it’s not something you can't fix either, once you know about this.

The reason you're experiencing cellulite is because you are fit.

  • You have been working out.
  • You have been eating the right foods.

The underlying problem is what is called muscle atrophy. It’s a muscle weakening condition that comes from the disuse of muscle.

The natural fabrication of your body infrastructure is designed to store fat

Unfortunately for women, that fat is stored on the hips and thighs. You can work out until you're blue in the face, to get yourself in shape. But tying in lifestyle factors, when you're prone to sitting, or even driving for quite some time, back and forward to your work, causes your muscles to deteriorate.

You need your muscles to be working for you, burning fat and not storing it. Because you've been keeping fit and doing the stuff the experts tell you to do, you get lean muscle mass. Over years though, certain muscles are going to depreciate with time.

That’s when you need to alternate your workout routine to incorporate workouts that work those problematic areas, and address muscle atrophy. Building and strengthening muscle where your body needs it most.

As for why it is that skinny folk are affected by cellulite...


Fatness has nothing to do with the issue. That’s obesity and not your problem. Obesity comes with a host of other problematic issues that cellulite sufferers should be glad they don’t have.

You're not at risk of heart disease. You are at risk of low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can cause an array of problems in your life. The clothes you wear should be the least of your concerns.

The more problematic issues come from your ability to be confident in the work you do, your social interaction, and can affect relationships by obsessing over dimples, and covering up the dreaded orange peel. Spending unnecessary sums of the household budget, to mask cellulite, can put strain on your family and social life.

That’s when problems arise in your life that can become, close to if not, out of control.

To take control of your life, forget about the figures of others. If you speak to any of your friends, you'll realise that it’s not just you with problems with your figure. We all have self-awareness issues.

For some people it’s not having an adequate tan, others it’s cellulite, others are aware of the need to lose weight, and some may even worry about the color of their teeth. We all have issues with our appearance.

  • For a tan, sun beds or spray tans help with that
  • For off-white teeth…teeth whitening fixes that up
  • For obesity it’s nutrition and exercise to lose the pounds
  • For cellulite it’s muscle strengthening, cellulite exercises that help you to eradicate that.

Addressing the muscle atrophy problem that is the root cause of cellulite is how to remove the cellulite problem from your body, and get yourself back into the physique you once you had.

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