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Learn How To Make Clear Skin Home Remedies For Any Type Of Skin
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Learn How to Make Clear Skin Home Remedies for Any Type Of Skin

Learning about the different treatments for clear skin home remedies can be good for your complexion. So if you have oily, dry or normal skin then you may want to read this article that has a few tips on how to care for your skin type.

Here are some home remedies for oily skin - If you have too much sebum in your glands then your skin will become too oily. Having too much of sebum may result in more acne. If you have dark hair you might be more susceptible to oiler skin than someone with blonde hair, heredity can play a big part in that. Stress and hormone changes my contribute to that as well. If you are pregnant or are taking oral contraceptives you may be having more problems with oily skin as well.

Washing your face with hot/warm water helps in dissolving your oily glands. Make sure you choose the correct cleanser to clean your skin. Acne breakouts can happen when you are not using antibacterial soap with benzoyl peroxide. Oil can be reduced by using a liquid face wash containing alpha-hydroxy acids, like lactic acid or citric acid.

After washing your face you might want to use some witch hazel by dabbing it on your face with cotton swabs. You can use it 2x a day for 2-3x per week. After week three you can apply it once a day. Witch Hazel helps in making your pores tight as it dries your skin.

Hyssop is a good herbal toner that helps in making a good complexion on your skin. Using 1 TBLS hyssop to 1 CUP water. Boil together for about 10 minutes and then strain it. Cool the mixture then cleans your skin, and apply this toner with a cotton ball.

Egg Whites as a good grease cutting mask that helps your skin to soak up oil. By mixing 1 tsp. of honey with an egg white until well mixed. Then just add a bit of flour to make it into a paste and apply it to your face as a mask (avoid contact with your eyes). Once dry, then wash off with some warm water.

Here are a few suggestions for your dry skin - when you shower a lot your skin can get dryer. Using some types of soaps can also dry your skin out.

Giving your skin a milk bath helps in getting rid of those dead skin cells and will increase the moisture in your skin. Simply soak a facecloth in cold milk and laying the cloth on your skin where it is dry, leaving it on there for about 5 minutes and then just rinse off the milk gently. This will help in soften your skin as well.

You can also soak in a warm bath of epsom salt and soaking for a few moments. You can also, once you are finished soaking and are still wet, rub a handful of epsom salt on the rough areas of your skin. You will see that this will also help in softening your dry skin.

Aloe vera gel is also a softening agent for your dry skin. It clears away all those dead skin cells. To get the right consistency of gel you simply cut off a leaf from an aloe vera plant, at the base and split it open by using a knife and scrape the gel out with a spoon.

Taking vitamins can also help in maintaining healthy skin. 100 milligrams of Vitamin B, 15 milligrams of beta- carotene, with your meals and 15 milligrams of Zinc.

These are just a few ways to help with oily or dry skin, there are many more ideas and tips to clear skin home remedies. I could make this article a lot longer but maybe next time I will mention a few more helpful ideas for you.

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I have to say that I love my witch hazel!! I am currently taking Vitamin A and E. I will have to add B and Zinc to my daily intake. Anything that will help clear up my skin I am all for trying. Thank you for the good information!

  about 6 years ago
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