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The Staged Severity Of Cellulite Prevention And Miraculous Cures
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The Staged Severity Of Cellulite Prevention And Miraculous Cures

When it comes to the issue of cellulite, there’s a lot of fact versus fiction out there. Plenty of scaremongering too. In fact, so much so that a slight bit of orange peel, and people are starting to think they’re suffering from obesity.

It’s got nothing to do with that and most of the propaganda surrounding the issue are published from the media companies profiting from it.

It’s a similar scenario to the cancer mythology. Little is understood about it, but in terms of better health, anything and everything can be marketed as a prevention method.

The same thing happens with the cellulite problem. Anything and everything can be used to prevent it, or claimed to cure it, yet there’s little to no evidence to verify the claims of it.

Why does this happen, when all you want is a cellulite cream that’s going to work, or surgery that’ll keep it from occurring again?

The reason’s simple. There’s profits to be had in a multi-billion Dollar, Euro, British Pound, or Japanese Yen industry. It’s a global market affecting people worldwide, so there’s businesses globally, solely modelled on catering to the cosmetic wants (not needs) of all the women worldwide.

The only way to consistently secure the business model, is to advertise like crazy to brainwash people with cellulite into believing there is a real problem.

There’s no real problem at all, because the truth is…

Cellulite don’t exist.

Whoa, what’s that?

It’s a myth. The whole concept of it is nothing more than a washed up fairytale.

Think about things logically for a minute.

The real underlying cause of cellulite stems from the way fat pockets emerge deep beneath the skin layer. Those pockets of fat grow as the muscle tissue becomes weaker with age.

As the muscle fibres deteriorate, the fat burning and your body’s metabolic rate starts to slow down. The fat pockets are naturally going to expand as the connective tissues weaken. That’s a structural problem that's underneath the surface of your skin.

Now think what’s going to happen when you apply a cream to your skin, so you can smoothen it, reduce orange peel, or give it a tighter and more toned look.

For sure, you'll be able to do that. Every time you use it because the ingredients in the cream are used to contract the top layer of skin, giving it a firmer and toned appearance.

The day you stop using that cellulite cream though, the dimples are going to be back, and then you're hitting the pharmacy up again, for a tube of the next proclaimed cellulite cream and be right back at square one.

That can extend beyond the creams and progress onto consulting with dermatologists, who also have miracle treatments. At a cost of a few grand of course.

Another temporary fix, with nothing to treat the weakened muscle laying layers beneath the skin.

The only effective way for anyone to completely remove their cellulite is by working the muscle tissues that’s causing the problem. Not masking the problem and getting by, but targeting the problem areas, through effective workout routines.

Routines that strengthen the muscle tissues, and prevent the cellulite from forming on the skin surface in the first place.

One of the principles in business can be transferred over to your health. Whatever end goal you're trying to accomplish…start from the ground up and build the foundations that will lead to your success.

In the case of cellulite, those foundations are to focus on strengthening the muscle groups in the areas of your body with cellulite visibility. Work the muscles to tighten, tone and firm up any area of your body that you're not content with.

Creams and ointments are only temporary. Exercise and nutrition you can count on to provide sustainable cellulite removal, and a lot cheaper than chasing the latest and greatest proclaimed miracle cure.

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